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  • Squad tips?

    I feel like I need to change my current team, due to the fact that I have received various units from a mass summoning. Also, I learned that BB buffs do not stack, which urges me to remove one unit from my squad.

    I am level 96, with 185 cost.
    My team consists of:

    Tartarus Massacre Sirius (Existence Jewel + Vorpal Chainblades or Heresy Orb) *Lead*

    Virtuous Champion Krantz (Phantom Gizmo + Cosmic Dust)

    Hollow Darkness Zeal (Adaption Jewel + Omni Gizmo) *BB buff conflicts with Sirius, want to remove*

    Cobalt Thunder Reud (Buffer Jewel + Omni Gizmo)

    Valiant Edge Quaid (Malice Jewel + Sol Creator)

    This team is fully imped, current cost: 174/185

    My units that I currently have are:


    Flame Rifle Bestie 5* (B)
    Strong Flame Griff 5* (A)
    Ember Hellion Adel 6* (L)
    Fire Rod Limera 5* (A)
    Intense Flame Golzo 5* (G)
    Crimson Dragon Regrard 5* (B)
    Scorching Alpha 5* (A)
    Pyro Spin Ruby 5* (O)


    Algor Halcyon Selena Omni/8* (A)
    Glacier Twin-Blade Colt 7* (G) [Has Ice Blade]
    Spring Flower Piany 5* (G)
    Sea Nymph Averus 5* (A)
    Lapis Princess Iris 5* (L)
    Charming Threat Savia 5* (G)
    Inferno Sareas 5* (O)


    Swift Katana Toutetsu 5* (L)
    Green Sparkle Libera 5* (L)
    Pure Lady Cyan 5* (G)

    Lightning/Electric ( Whichever, Whatever )

    Admonition Kanon 5* (A)
    Divine Destroyer Rize 5* (B)
    Shadow Scroll Kagura 5* (A)
    Yellow Dragon Belzeft 5* (A) [With Thunder Pearl]


    Light Legend Atro 7* (G)
    Creator Maxwell 6* (L) [On this list for no reason]
    Inferno Sirius 5* (B) [Duplicate]
    Holy Defender Rinon 5* (O)
    Robotic Wings Sixgear 5* (G)
    Holy Saint Charla 6* (A)
    Guiding Light Layla 5* (G)


    Haunting Curse Yuura 5* (G)
    Demon Knight Febros 5* (L)
    Occult Arms Malbelle 6* (B)
    Dark Divinity Eclise 5* (L)
    Grahdens 5* (L) [Again, on this list for no reason]
    Dark Armor Reis 5* (G)
    Metal Former Chrome 5* (B)

    If anyone can help me with an altered team composition, it would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Sorry for the long list, as I would have uploaded screenshots of the units but the files were unable to be procured.

    Why are indents not working? :' -(

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    So, what kind of team do you want?

    Offense, defense, BB managing, balance, rainbow etc?

    And any favorite unit do you like to use?

    Edit: If there's any, what do you feel lacking from your squad?
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      I guess I'm stuck between balance and offensive, since I mainly have my BB gauges covered with my current team.

      I like to use Sirius and Krantz, since both will have extremely good omni evolutions within the year.

      Lastly, I can't find anything lacking from my squad, except for a decent status nullifier, due to the fact that I have to use Krantz's Brave Burst to remove status effects.


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        Well, why not replace your Zeal with either Layla or Charla for now. Of course it should be fine later when Krantz have his ES unlocked.

        Layla could cover a better attack conversion than Reud since you have Sirius and she is a healer that could attack on SBB while using BB to cover for Krantz. Of course Eclise and Rinon could do a better job for ailment part but I think Layla could do a better job for offense contribution since you have Krantz. Since she is not attacking on BB and also give healing over time aside from normal heal, she would be able to counter both reflecting damage and damage over time. She also have BB when hit so you could get someone else on Reud place.

        I don't see either spark and critical buff either on the team. Charla could do both of them while providing Krantz some back up for ailment cleanse and give healing over time. Other than BB boost when spark, I don't see any problem. Also have both normal healing and healing over time. She might not attacking but the offense buff on BB is more than enough to make 5 units attack to be even stronger than 6 unit attack when no offense buff clashing with her. Note: with the right spheres, she could have infinite BB. She is also recommended for guard frontier tactic at frontier hunter/gate

        Another recommendation would be Eclise. She could heal and null ailment though she can't remove them. Krantz could do it so the party should be fine even facing buff remover when using both of their BB. She could instantly fill 10 BC to give some momentum for his friends so make sure she is last in chain for using BB. You can use it as well in time of emergencies when some unit can't use BB. More importantly overdrive gauge fill for easier UBB. No healing over time but she didn't attack on BB. As stated above at Layla, her offense feature only from light/dark element buff which have been taken care by Krantz.

        I would to recommend Adel as well. He have healing over time and spark buff as well. He could help a little in Krantz healing job so he can focus on ailment cleanse occasionally. And being another mitigator, he can let Krantz to charge up to SBB for healing in case he can't do it that turn. Of course this is also applied to Adel himself since you might want to use Krantz to let Adel use SBB so he can use healing over time.

        Sereas could be a good replacement for Reud if you happen to pick Layla. Other than BB boost when spark, all of them are self buff which is won't be a problem of clashing. What's make him great is his status boost also stack with Sirius. Although it's only for himself, combine it with Layla conversion attack and his ES boost atk when BB full, which is achievable easily with his infinite feature, his base attack would be really high.
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          Thank you for the feedback. Based on your suggestions, I'm going to raise Charla and see how she does on the team, as a replacement for Zeal. I may test having Adel in the same squad as Krantz, but currently, he is doing fine with BB management with Phantom Gizmo and his ES.

          Edit: Also, do you have any sphere recomendations for Charla? I know that it wont be that helpful to equip drop rate spheres because of her SBB.
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          • Shironui
            Shironui commented
            Editing a comment
            I updated for Layla with Sareas sub instead of Reud.
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