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  • Mmm NOOB help pls!!

    Mmm hi all! I need help to make a team!!! I'm lv 142 cost 154
    My units that are worth something are:
    7* Rhoa anima x2
    7* Tridon anima
    7* Yuura 1x guardian 1x anima
    7* Reis breaker
    7* Melchio guardian
    7* Grandt anima
    6* Dion breaker
    6* Kira anima
    6* Libera guardian
    6* Zelnite lord
    6* Darvanshel anima
    6* Barienna
    5* Bestie anima
    5* Chrome anima
    5* Tazer breaker
    5* Lucca breaker
    5* Rinon breaker
    5* Sixgear anima
    5* Raaga lord
    5* Kafka lord
    5* Charis guardian
    6* Maxwell
    6* Cardes
    5* Grahdens
    5* Duran breaker
    5* Themis breaker

    Thanks in advance for your help!! The team i want is a high damage and one more estable for harder fights!! thx!!!
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    Go for reis lead, darvanshel, Barienna, Rinon, grahden and another of your choice.


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      Defense and BB management, Tridon / Libera / Bestie (choose one of them as lead)
      Healer and anti-ailment Rinon (don't worry, she will have a good defense after fully imp, i think breaker and oracle is the best for her)
      Mitigator and defense Barienna
      Nuker Yuura (unlimited SBB + DoT and BB up when attacked. Has 80% atk up on his ES)
      Sparker Chrome (boosting Yuura attack with his buff. Rinon dark elemental added might be boost as well, I'm not sure)


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        Mmm thanks for the help i will try them out soon! I want to get them to 7* at least libera chrome and rinon =D waiting for the vortex dungeon at half energy


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