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  • Check the previous page to see the post about the Emperor and the Princes!!
    • First Princess

    Selvia remains inside the castle during the Great War, preparing things to depart to another world. At a point, she orders Melina to spread the rumor that the Emperor disappeared, in order to call his brother back. She also entrusts a bracelet, her heirloom, to Berdette, asking Feleen to deliver it to the Third Princess in the middle of the war. When Sirius arrives at the castle, Selvia askes him about his decision. At first, Sirius is still hesitated, but Selvia forces him to go by saying that if they don't defend the Empire, then there is nothing left to protect. Afterwards, Sirius has no other choice but to obey his older sister. Selvia then accompanies her father and younger brother to Vilanciel. It is implied that Selvia is the one who made Balamgram.
    • Second Princess

    Elza is the older sister of the Eighth Princess by blood. She is imprisoned for a sin she actually didn’t commit. Her father knows this, but he still keeps her imprisoned, and only let her free to did his dirty missions in absolute secrecy. One day, her father orders her to protect the Eighth Princess from the shadow, and gives her a scythe that consumes the souls of the dead while warns her to never reveal her identity to her sister.

    Elza blames herself after she witnesses her sister’s death in the battlefield. She then goes on a killing spree, ignoring her uncle’s attempt to stop her from collecting the souls to resurrect her dear sister. After collecting a massive number of souls, she unleashes the Demon Scythe’s power and conducted a ritual to resurrect her sister. However, she lose consciousness during the ritual, and falls into the underworld. Later, she forms a contract with her demonic scythe, and returns to Grand Gaia, to aid her sister in fighting once more.
    • Third Princess

    Berdette masters a variety of techniques to confuse and deceive foes, which are essential to her survival among the intrigues and conspiracies of the imperial court during her upbringing. Berdette gains infamy as the public face of the empire’s reign of political terror as she is appointed as the capital’s Public Order Division.

    She becomes legendary during the Great War for her stubborn defense of the empire. It is said that she even lead raids outside the castle walls, striking down powerful gods one after another in personal combat. In the middle of the battle, The Seventh Princess comes to deliver The First Princess' heirloom to her, which she accepts. Upon the fall of the empire, her half-sister opens a way for Berdette to retreat and escapes with some survivors. Legend said that she disguises herself as a citizen and follows a civilian group to find a new homeland.
    • Fourth Princess

    Among the Princesses, Myuze is the gentlest. Her specialities are supportive and healing magics. It is implied that Myuze has frail body. Even so, she wants to help saving the citizens with her magic, even after Sirius orders her to go back to the castle. Myuze is depicted as a gentle young woman, the gentlest among the Princesses. She cares for her siblings and the citizens of Bariura Empire, and wants to do her best as a Princess to aid her siblings and the citizens.

    Before Sirius departs to another world, Myuze manages to catch up to halt her older brother. But Sirius assures her that he, along with the Emperor and Selvia, will surely come back and rebuild Bariura Empire together. However, Sirius never comes back to fulfill that promise…
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      • Fifth Princess

      At first, Radia devotes herself to imperial political authority. However, she is ultimately unable to defy her father, which makes her gives up her free will and became a mindless soldier who faithfully following orders. Eventually, Radia and Berdette became infamous for her role in oppressing the people of the Bariura Empire.

      As she watches the capital gradually succumb to the invaders during the Great War, the feelings that she repressed suddenly breaks free. As the fall of Bariura looms near, she decides to sacrifice herself so that survivors might have a chance to escape.

      Radia knows that her father and Selvia are planning something, and that they would catch Sirius in said plan. However, she is unable to find the exact plan. When Radia confronts Sirius about it, Sirius finally reveals the plan: to go with the Emperor and Selvia to capture a guardian of another world. When the Great War reaches its peak, Radia sacrifices herself in order to open up a way for her half-sister to escape.
      • Sixth Princess

      Like the Eighth Princess, Melina received the training to be an assassin since her early years. During the training, Melina showed great enthusiasm, so much that she quickly mastered the art of assassination. Her father's appreciation enchants her ability further, so much that the Emperor then gives her the tasks to gather intelligence and infiltration. Everytime Melina brags about her achievements to her beloved uncle, though, he couldn’t help but feel troubled.

      Melina is supposed to be in touch with prominent figures such as her uncle, or a dark magician in charge of all the empire’s magicians, and the former commander of the imperial knights. As the result, she is familiar with the inner workings of not only the nations she infiltrated, but the Bariura Empire as well, including the personal information of many people. She is feared by many, not only for her role as an assassin, but for the secrets she possesses.

      When the Great War breaks out, at first, Melina works alongside the First Imperial Princess, mainly looking for a space distortion, and reports it to her half-sister. After she relays the information about the disappearance of the Emperor to Sirius, Melina reveals that she will go to “her uncle Chrome”, and states that she will never come back to Bariura. She doesn’t want to fight for the Empire, so she chooses to chase Chrome instead.
      • Seventh Princess

      During the Great War, Feleen spends most of her time helping Selvia, mainly to relay the news that Melina finds a space distortion that can be used to travel to another world. At one point, Selvia orders her to deliver a heirloom to Berdette. Feleen is very obedient to Selvia's words. However, she tends to be impatient and a bit foul-mouthed to her other half-siblings. Selvia saved Feleen's life during the latter's childhood, and since then, Feleen gives her full loyalty to Selvia.
      • Eighth Princess

      Alice is also trained in combat since her early years. Unlike the Sixth Princess, though, the harsh training ruins her concept of freedom, leaving Alice as a person who aimed only for military success. The more she used her scythe to slay the enemies of the empire, the more the scythe consumes her, makes her one step closer to the madness. The emperor notices this and lead her deeper into the darkness in hopes of making her into a weapon for the empire.

      In the middle of the Great War, Alice finally lose her sanity as she kills not just the enemies, but also her own squad. She keeps fighting until finally she falls down in the middle of the battlefield, much to her older sister’s grief. The impact of her death to her older sister is great, that Elza goes into a killing spree to resurrect her. When Alice’s consciousness returns to her body, a light speaks softly to her. She has no recollection of what the light is, but she gets a familiar feeling from it nevertheless. A tear escapes her eye as she whispers “Sister…” before she continues fighting; this time, for her own will.
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        Saved em in my Tumblr~

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        These are nice.

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        Thanks. And please wait for the charapages on wikia!

    • Originally posted by aolady View Post
      Lucius' goal was to become absolute ruler of the Worlds. Thus, he...

      I tried to write this in order :

      0. Lured Six Pillars to the barrier in Celgrad, asked Kira to kill the rest of disciple (either that, or making high school of mutual killing-like situation inside the barrier). His plan was then ruined by Feeva.
      1. Ordered his disciple (Melord?) to wreck 12 Guardians by brainwashing Alyut & Farlon (as shown in manga), and killing Ophelia.
      2. Ordered Meirith to go to Ishgria.
      3. Ordered Melord to separate the members of Meirith. Melord then gave a vision about KM being attacked to Fadahl.
      4. Ordered Ark to attack KM (including taking Ilia as hostage). Beforehand, Lucius already attacking Karna Masta. The rest? Read in Ark's charapage, Ruby batch's unitpages, and Claire, Colt, and Fadahl's unitpages. Ah, the one who ordered Ark to kill Six Hero was also Melord, by the command of Lucius.
      5. Ordered Melord to go to Ishgria to make good use of Ilia as one part of the seal, as well as teaching the Demon Lords about Empty Seal. He betrayed Melord by leaving the latter in Ishgria.
      6. Ordered Tilith to help the Summoner (aka YOU) to beat Four Fallen Gods. Lucius later absorbed the fallen gods' powers in Bariura.
      7. Tried to kill Summoner, as he actually sees Summoner one of the biggest threat to his plan; second only to the reign of Four Fallen Gods in Grand Gaia.

      UPDATE :
      8. Enhancing Melchio's power during its battle against Michele and co.
      9. Possibly killed Kulyuk. It was either Lucius or Karna Masta who killed him.
      in the GGC, it was proved that LUCIUS killed Kulyuk.

      Ok WTH


      • Would it be a smart Idea to fill up the squad list with these ladies? XD I'm talking about in-game. hahaha


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          Bariura ladies? It would be nice if I have Radia and Melina on GL

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          Sadly, I still don't have them in game, so I kinda have no idea of what their abilities are. Lol can you screenshot for me? Thanks! XD

      • The Early Age of Randall Empire (Part 1 : The Rise of Agress)

        Time passed after the tale of the bravery of Reed’s leadership in taking the refugees to Elgaia, and the bravery of his son, Rouche on slaying a demon that invaded the land. After the victory against the demon, Rouche further strengthened the Randall Guard, and subsequently laid the foundation for the establishment of the Randall Empire. Later, a descendant of Reed and Lucana, rose into the throne and crowned as the First Emperor of Randall Empire.

        INCLUDED in this article :
        • Founders of Randall Empire batch and the Volunteer Army (Agress, Johan, Zalts, Gyras, Alessa, Licht)
        • Founders of Elgaia Federation (Freed, Barbara, Ewan)
        • The Disnomians
        • The Emperor Slayer, The Judgement Demon, and The Imperial Guard Sisters.

        Agress’ charisma and talent was found by Johan. Johan spread word that he was the descendant of a hero who had led the people of Elgaia, which helped win unprecedented support. Together with the Volunteer Army led by Alessa, Agress was able to unify Elgaia under Randall, and finally crowned as the Emperor and found Randall Empire. During the war, though, Agress lost the Senior General of Randall Guard, Zalts. Agress then formed the Imperial Guard to commemorate the deceased General, and assigned Gyras as the First Commander. Agress also appointed Johan as his trusted staff officer, and then Johan laid the foundations for its government and the current system of aristocracy.

        There was a plan to absorb the Volunteer Army, who helped Agress won the Unification War, into the Regular Army of Imperial Guard. However, Alessa rejected the idea. Johan, who tend to eliminate all obstacles to his own personal ideals, used this chance to label Alessa as a traitor of the Empire, and thus, forced her to flee. Alessa’s childhood friend rushed to her side, when he knew that Alessa was hunted. Later, Alessa joined side with Freed from Elgaia Federation. Freed then made Alessa as his close associate and counselor.
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        • The Early Age of Randall Empire (Part 2 : The Founders of Elgaia Federation)

          There were three powers that served as the foundations of Elgaia Federation. The first was Frenbrook Republic, formerly led by Freed. Freed was a member of the royal family ruling over the region north of Elgaia who gathered the support of his nation’s neighbors to build a republic state which would stand against the Randall Empire. Shortly afterwards, the second power, Nuikar Tribal Alliance, joined his cause. Nuikar Tribal Alliance was led by Barbara, who unified the bandit-ridden Nuikar region by force and the sheer magnetism of her single-mindedness. When she joined Freed’ cause, she had already abdicated her role as leader, but accounts hold that she remained a trusted advisor in the region for many years. The third power was the Kingdom of Dichmarde, represented by their general, Ewan. Unlike other allies of the kingdom which clamored for rebellion, Ewan advised his superiors that a friendly relationship with the Randall Empire would be in the best interest of their rapidly decaying nation. He spoke from his knowledge of the great strength of the Imperial Guard, and of the suffering of his people, but was nevertheless labeled a traitor. His king would repay his counsel by hiring the band of outlaws known as the Ten Vile Disnomians to take his life.


          • The Early Age of Randall Empire (Part 3 : The Disnomians)

            Ten Vile Disnomians was a fearsome group of outlaws that active during the early age of Randall Empire. This group was founded and led by a charismatic, overwhelmingly strong man named Shion. He won his subordinates’ respect and devotion through his overwhelming strength and charisma. Known members of Disnomians were:
            • Camilla : Her band of thieves focused their activities on the territories surrounding the Empire until they were eventually wiped out by a strike from the Imperial Guard. Shion rescued her from the Imperial Guard, then recruited her to the Disnomians.
            • Diastima : A member of a mysterious race that joined the Disnomians for unknown reason. Only Shion understood the laguage Diastima was speaking.
            • Zeek : A berserker, as well as an outlaw who joined the Disnomians after he battled Shion. He is said to have joined in order to satisfy his personal lust for battle, and that he joyfully fought in countless battles.
            • Ionia : A magician and researcher of otherworldly technologies who aspired to a career at the imperial magical research Lab, but joined the Disnomians instead. She is purported to have had prior connections to Shion, and upon joining, provided the band with a variety of her inventions.
            • Mariletta : An automaton form was home to magical beings that could annihilate everything in her vicinity. This led her to live a solitary life, and she only interacted with Shion and Zora.
            • Zora : The Interrogator of the Disnomians, who likes to toy with the minds of his victims, taking pleasure from that. As the interrogator, Zora was skilled in telepathic techniques.
            • Rugahr : A man of logic and reasoning in the Disnomians. He rarely hesitated to use any means available to achieve his goals. However, he never left his comrades behind, and the members of the group loved him well for this.
            • Baro : The Eye of The Disnomians. He was a beast trainer who originally belonged to an unusual tribe that coexisted with beasts. However, his people scattered in the face of official persecution, and he joined the group after spending time living as a wanderer.
            • Hugh : A magical item user who was originally a provincial lord who protected his subjects using a relic passed down in his family for generations. However, that all ended when he was robbed of his lands due to imperial trickery. He became a wanderer until Shion won his respect, and made him joined the Disnomians. He then contributed to the group by establishing their base and negotiating their “jobs”.


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              Dayuumm girl, so many word. You truly are passionate about these theories. :3

          • The Early Age of Randall Empire (Part 4 : The Fall of Agress & Zalvard's Invasion)

            One day, an unexpected and completely unfamiliar demon suddenly appeared in the Randall Empire. This demon was called "Zalvard", and it caused irreparable damage to its surroundings by forcing any humans in his wake to yield their souls to him. The casualties were so great that its existence alone was labeled as the single most tragic catastrophe Elgaia had ever witnessed, leading every single human to live in utmost fear. Randall Empire then ordered the Imperial Guard to form a squad to defeat the demon Zalvard. During that time, a member of Imperial Guard had a plan to defeat the demon. His name was Regil; a prodigious young man who was nominated for the next commander. However, Regil's best friend didn't agree with the plan, neither did Agress. Regil then killed Agress and fled the Empire, then took refuge with the Disnomians. This made the Imperial Guard ambush the Disnomians' basecamp both to wipe the outlaws and to execute him, led by Valen. However, Baro knew the Imperial Guard's plan to ambush the basecamp, so the Disnomians had prepared to counter-attack. Even so, the group still lost most of its members: Zeek died in the ambush, Rugahr sacrificed himself after he bought some time during the ambush, Mariletta went berserk and destroyed herself, and Zora sacrificed himself to protect Mariletta. It was said that Shion also died in the ambush, but another theory stated that he survived and bestowed his soul-stealing sword to Regil.

            The information about Regil was passed to Shion by Camilla. Regil then took refuge with the Disnomians, which made the Imperial Guard ambush the Disnomians' basecamp to execute him. However, Baro knew the Imperial Guard's plan to ambush the basecamp, so the Disnomians had prepared to counter-attack. Even so, the group still lost most of its members: Zeek died in the ambush, Rugahr sacrificed himself after he bought some time during the ambush, Mariletta went berserk and destroyed herself, and Zora sacrificed himself to protect Mariletta. It was said that Shion also died in the ambush, but another theory stated that he survived and bestowed his soul-stealing sword to Regil.

            To suppress Zalvard’s threat, a squad was formed by the Imperial Guard. This squad led by prodigy named Cleria. In the same squad was Cleria’s sister, Azalea, whose talent bloomed rapidly under the tutelage of Regil. Originally, Azalea volunteered to chase the killer of Agress, but her superiors rejected the idea, probably because they were aware on her feelings to Regil. Thus, Azalea was appointed in the demon-slaying squad, under her older sister’s command. However, the one who landed the devastating blow to Zalvard was none other than Regil, who took Shion’s sword with him. As Zalvard fell, the souls trapped inside it was liberated.

            After the death of Zalvard, it was said that Regil vanished along with Shion. Cleria eventually went on to serve as logistical support for the second commander of the Imperial Guard. Her younger sister, Azalea, began requesting land survey missions, visiting a vast number of regions to search the man she loves…
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              I want Regil and Shion u.u

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              I have Regil, and Agress... would it be a smart idea to max them both? also what spheres should I use on them?

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              Full attack spheres. Go full glass cannon.

          • Updated version of Bariura Royalty can be seen in page 9!!!


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