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  • Check the previous page to see the post about the Emperor and the Princes!!

    • First Princess

    Selvia remained inside the castle during the Great War, preparing things to depart to Vilanciel. At a point, she ordered Melina to spread the rumor that the Emperor disappeared, in order to call Sirius back. She also entrust a heirloom of her to Berdette, asking Feline to deliver the heirloom to the Third Princess in the middle of the war. When Sirius arrived at the castle, Selvia asked if Sirius has made his decision. At first, Sirius was still hesitated, but Selvia forced him to go, so Sirius had no other choice but to obey his older sister. Afterwards, Selvia accompanied her father and younger brother to Vilanciel. It was implied that Selvia was the one who made Balamgaram.
    • Second Princess

    The older sister of the Eighth Princess by blood. She was imprisoned for a sin she actually didn’t commit. Her father knew this, but he still kept her imprisoned, and only let her free to did his dirty missions in absolute secrecy. One day, her father ordered her to protect the Eighth Princess from the shadow, and gave her a scythe that consumed the souls of the dead while warned her to never reveal her identity to her sister.

    Elza blamed herself after she witnessed her sister’s death in the battlefield. She then went on a killing spree, ignoring her uncle’s attempt to stop her from collecting the souls to resurrect her dear sister. After collecting a massive number of souls, she unleashed the Demon Scythe’s power and conducted a ritual to resurrect her sister. However, she lost consciousness during the ritual, and fell into the underworld. Later, she formed a contract with her demonic scythe, and returned to Grand Gaia, to aid her sister in fighting once more.
    • Third Princess

    This princess mastered a variety of techniques to confuse and deceive foes, which were essential to her survival among the intrigues and conspiracies of the imperial court during her upbringing. Berdette gained infamy as the public face of the empire’s reign of political terror as she was appointed as the capital’s Public Order Division.

    She became legendary during the Great War for her stubborn defense of the empire. It’s said that she even led raids outside the castle walls, striking down powerful gods one after another in personal combat. Upon the fall of the empire, Berdette and her half-sister retreated and escaped with some survivors. Legend said that she disguised herself as a citizen and followed a civilian group to find a new homeland.
    • Fourth Princess

    Among the Princesses, Muze was the gentlest princess. She was specialized in supportive and healing magics. It was implied that Muze had weak body. Even so, she wanted to help saving the citizens, even after Sirius ordered her to go back to the castle.

    Before Sirius departed to Vilanciel, Muze managed to catch up to halt her older brother. But Sirius assured her that he, along with the Emperor and Selvia, would surely come back and they would rebuild Bariura Empire together. However, Sirius never came back to fulfill that promise…
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      • Fifth Princess

      At first, she devoted herself to imperial political authority. However, she was ultimately unable to defy her father. This made her gave up her free will, and became a mindless soldier who faithfully following orders. Eventually, Radia and Berdette became infamous for her role in oppressing the people of the Bariura Empire.

      As she watched the capital gradually succumb to the invaders during the Great War, the feelings that she had repressed suddenly came free. As the fall of Bariura loomed near, she decided to sacrifice herself so that survivors might have a chance to escape.

      Radia knows that her father and Selvia were planning something, and that they would caught Sirius in said plan. However, she was unable to find the exact thing they were planning. When Radia confronted Sirius about it, Sirius finally revealed the plan: that he would go with the Emperor and Selvia to capture a beast in another world.
      • Sixth Princess

      Like the Eighth Princess, Melina was trained to be an assassin since her early years. During the training, Melina showed great enthusiasm, so much that she quickly mastered the art of assassination. This was enchanted further with the appreciation from her father, who then gave her the tasks to gather intelligence and infiltration. Everytime Melina bragged about her achievement to her beloved uncle, however, he couldn’t help but feel troubled.

      She was supposedly in touch with prominent figures such as her uncle, or a dark magician in charge of all the empire’s magicians, and the former commander of the imperial knights. As the result, she was familiar with the inner workings of not only the nations she infiltrated, but the Bariura Empire as well, including the personal information of many people. She was rightfully feared by many, not only for her role as a master assassin, but for the secrets she possessed.

      When the Great War broke out, at first, Melina worked alongside the First Imperial Princess. After Selvia ordered her to tell Sirius that the Emperor has disappeared, Melina revealed that she would go to “her uncle Chrome”, and stated that she would never come back to Bariura. She didn’t wanna fight for the Empire, so she chose to chase Chrome instead.
      • Seventh Princess

      During the Great War, Feline spent most of her time helping Selvia, mainly to find a space distortion that could be used to travel to Vilanciel. At one point, Selvia ordered her to deliver a heirloom to Berdette.
      • Eighth Princess

      She was also trained in combat since her early years. Unlike the Sixth Princess, though, the harsh training ruined her concept of freedom, leaving Alice as a person who aimed only for military success. The more she used her scythe to slay the enemies of the empire, the more she was consumed by the madness. The emperor noticed this and led her deeper into the darkness in hopes of making her into a weapon for the empire.

      In the middle of the Great War, Alice finally lost her sanity as she killed not just the enemies, but also her own squad. She kept fighting until finally she fell down in the middle of the battlefield, much to her older sister’s grief. The impact of her death to her older sister was great, that Elza went into a killing spree to resurrect her. When Alice’s consciousness returned to her body, a light spoke softly to her. She had no recollection of what the light was, but she got a familiar feeling from it nevertheless. A tear escaped her eye as she whispered “Sister…” before she continue fighting; this time, for her own will.


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    • Originally posted by aolady View Post
      Lucius' goal was to become absolute ruler of the Worlds. Thus, he...

      I tried to write this in order :

      0. Lured Six Pillars to the barrier in Celgrad, asked Kira to kill the rest of disciple (either that, or making high school of mutual killing-like situation inside the barrier). His plan was then ruined by Feeva.
      1. Ordered his disciple (Melord?) to wreck 12 Guardians by brainwashing Alyut & Farlon (as shown in manga), and killing Ophelia.
      2. Ordered Meirith to go to Ishgria.
      3. Ordered Melord to separate the members of Meirith. Melord then gave a vision about KM being attacked to Fadahl.
      4. Ordered Ark to attack KM (including taking Ilia as hostage). Beforehand, Lucius already attacking Karna Masta. The rest? Read in Ark's charapage, Ruby batch's unitpages, and Claire, Colt, and Fadahl's unitpages. Ah, the one who ordered Ark to kill Six Hero was also Melord, by the command of Lucius.
      5. Ordered Melord to go to Ishgria to make good use of Ilia as one part of the seal, as well as teaching the Demon Lords about Empty Seal. He betrayed Melord by leaving the latter in Ishgria.
      6. Ordered Tilith to help the Summoner (aka YOU) to beat Four Fallen Gods. Lucius later absorbed the fallen gods' powers in Bariura.
      7. Tried to kill Summoner, as he actually sees Summoner one of the biggest threat to his plan; second only to the reign of Four Fallen Gods in Grand Gaia.

      UPDATE :
      8. Enhancing Melchio's power during its battle against Michele and co.
      9. Possibly killed Kulyuk. It was either Lucius or Karna Masta who killed him.
      in the GGC, it was proved that LUCIUS killed Kulyuk.

      Ok WTH


      • Would it be a smart Idea to fill up the squad list with these ladies? XD I'm talking about in-game. hahaha


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          Bariura ladies? It would be nice if I have Radia and Melina on GL

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          Sadly, I still don't have them in game, so I kinda have no idea of what their abilities are. Lol can you screenshot for me? Thanks! XD