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  • Lost gems after game crash and rare summon

    Player ID : 88329779 Hi I recently play selena's dungeon when my game crash after i revived my squad then when I relogged again, I lost one (1) gem and the game back from previously game play so I need to use gem again to revive my squad. Next issue: after i won on selena's dungeon, I received the rewards so I got 7 gems from the previous 8 gems since I used 4 gems including the lost one when my game crash. When I saw that there's a newly released unit since I tried to summon then it suddenly my gems became zero (0) and I cant summon anymore... I tried to relogged but no more gems left. thanks
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    player ID: 653968191 up for this also got an error like this recently. i received 3 compensation gems for the 3 gems i lost so i got 6 gems back. but when i tried to summon a unit a few minutes ago. i received an "unexpected error". when i re-log all of my gems are gone 'again'.


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      This seems to be a big issue mine did this as well but in missing over 100 gems thi