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  • minor raid issue

    After the most recent update that fixed the raid boss respawn bug. The sort of my raid missions is upside down as six star on top and 1 on bottom. It's a minor issue but it kinda bugs me.

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    Yeah it is a minor one, but you're right. It is a bit disturbing Why do raid always have a bug recently? Are gimu trying to tweak something in it? Hmm..


    • frostsoul
      frostsoul commented
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      Maybe they are twerking something. Raids do seem to have issues from time to time.

    • jc0428
      jc0428 commented
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      Dude its "tweaking".. Twerking is a dance move.. Lol :P

      On serious side, raids really do got a lot of issues and gimu never learns from those issues.