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  • problem with connecting to facebook

    I cant link my account to facebook. Every time I do it gives me an error. I already tried multiple suggestion such as disallowingbrave frontier on facebook and trying to reconnect but same error message pops up saying to check my Internet which I already tried with wifi and 4g. I made a new facebook to try to link it woth that account but now it is saying error check my internet connection AND user logged in as different facebook user. Does this mean my account is already connected? Because I am not sure if it is connected or not anymore.

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    This happened to me before, then after a maintenance before, I suddenly able to connect it to Facebook. Maybe internet connection plays a part. Not really sure. :|


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      Hopefully I get lucky for it to just work one day lol


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        Have you tried clearing the game's data? I know the moderator have posted here in the forum on how to clear the game's data properly. Ill try to search for it then share it here.


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        Thanks for the reply!
        Unfortunately my account is unable to link up to facebook, so I wouldnt be able to get my data back if I were to delete game data.


        • jc0428
          jc0428 commented
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          I think there is a difference between deleting the Game's Data and the App's Data. But not sure if it will delete your game's progress. The best way is to ask their support since you did not linked your account in your Facebook. Best of luck mate.

        • GamerDeys
          GamerDeys commented
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          I was scared to clear data as well. Might accidentally remove my account. lol