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  • Missing gems while using Windows Edition of BF

    I got to the rank of Apollo in arena while I was using the windows edition of the game, and I was supposed to be given 3 gems but they seem to have disappeared. Not to mention when using the game on my phone it displays me having 4 gems and on my computer it displays 3 gems. Any idea why the game bugs out between the platforms?

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    Not sure on the gems bug, but it may be a glitch or something.. On your PC it shows 3 gems, but it might really be 4 gems. Its just that it only shows 3 because of the glitch. You can always report this to gumi support so that they can investigate it.


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      thats only due to the difference of device youre using
      the gem count for every provider (amazon, applestore, window, etc) is separate and is the only thing that is not sync'd across the account
      thus, whatever gem u get in for example, BF from amazon, will stay in the amazon version, so if you swap devices use the gems or you will have a different amount after you swap


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        Editing a comment
        I agree with this one. I noticed this when I change my device from iOS to Android. This might be the case you are experiencing sleepless