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  • No Update For Samsung?

    Why doesn't the samsung app get an update?
    It doesn't even login It just gets stuck at the connecting screen and says a "[Connection error has occured.]"

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    Have you tried contacting their support? What do they say about this? Thanks


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      Well met Summoner,
      Very wise of you to summon me.
      Kindly wait for the updated version of the Brave Frontier Application in the Samsung App Store.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.

      For other inquiries, you may call upon us once again.
      Until then, I wish you the best of luck on your adventures.
      Brave Frontier Team

      Does any one know why it takes over three weeks for Samsung to get an update? Does gumi not care about their Samsung players?


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        Hmmm.. my friend is using Samsung and I never heard of him saying such issue on the game update. Maybe i'll ask him if he experience this.


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          I have already asked my friend about this and he said that he do encounter such game update issue and stopped playing BF ever since. I really thought he is still playing BF. Doe


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