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  • Account Suspensions from Frontier Hunter

    Dear Brave Frontier Customer Support,
    First a little about my situation, I have been banned for 6 weeks now since Frontier Hunter 11. Every message I send to Customer Support, I either receive a general response or gets closed without an actual response. I get responses that say there were "inconsistencies" in my score and that my account has been permanently suspended and the decision is final. All I have asked for is some additional information on what these "inconsistencies" are because I have never cheated in this game. But I have yet to get a response aside from the normal accusation responses. At this point I honestly don't even know if I will continue playing Brave Frontier even if I get my account back but this is a matter of principle and awareness. I want these issues to be addressed and not pushed aside for the sake of all individuals playing this game.

    Instead of trying to be proactive and figuring our why after each Frontier Hunter a big population of your players are being banned, the customer support team just acts reactively and continues to accuse and blame players for cheating and not following rules. Well I have some news for you, we are not cheating. What a shocker, I know! In case you haven't noticed in your "Brave Frontier Ticket Follow Up" thread after each Frontier Hunter countless players are being banned for using Third Party Programs and having "inconsistencies" in their scores. If it were that easy to cheat and use third party progarms than that itself is a huge issue that your development team needs to address. Especially because a lot of these programs require some sort of root on Android or Jailbreak on Apple that the general population of customers don't touch. "Inconsistencies" have seemed to pop up more and more after your game introduced 6 star forms of Shida and Lario. These are the prime suspects that users think are causing issues. I suggest the development team work with customer service to figure out this issue sooner rather than later before you lose all your customers. It would also help alleviate the number of tickets that are received after each Frontier Hunter complaining about being banned.

    Thank you for your time and I hope all users facing similar situations contribute to this topic so we can all raise awareness.