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  • Raid X6: Maw of Madness

    Journey to the mysterious lands of Gunegarth and unfold the secrets of this accursed island together with your brave comrades!

    Form your best raid squad as we open the mission to explore Gunegarth in Raid Battle X6: Maw of Madness.
    • RC 3 Mission 1: Skeletons in the Closet
    • RC 3 Mission 2: Meeting a Lonely Wolf
    • RC 4 Mission 3: An Outside Arrives
    • RC 4 Mission 4: At the Gates of Gunegarth
    • RC 5 Mission 5: The Price of Oaths
    • RC 6 Mission 6: A Small Victory
    New Boss: Bloodbreaker Zael

    First-Time Clear Rewards:
    • Mission 2 - 1 Gem, 1 Almighty Imp Arton
    • Mission 4 - 1 Gem, 1 Burst Emperor
    • Mission 6 - 3 Gems, 1 Old Locket
    Notable Item Drops:
    • Ghostly Herbs
    • Weathered Bell
    • Saryn's Robe (required ingredient to craft next level spheres, dropped by Bloodbreaker Zael)

    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel:

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    Greetings Summoners!

    It has been found out that a bug occured on the RC 6 mission for Raid X6.

    Our team is already investigating on this matter and we regret to inform that the Raid X6 mission have been temporarily disabled until the issue is resolved.

    We ask for your patience while we resolve this issue and thank you for understanding.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel:


    • ChrolloLucilfer
      ChrolloLucilfer commented
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      how long should i wait? that raid quest already disabled more than 12 hours.

    • GamerDeys
      GamerDeys commented
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      is it still disabled?

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    Greetings Summoners!

    Please be informed that as of March 29, 22:00 PST, the bug that occurred on the Raid X6 mission has been resolved. The mission has now been re-opened. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
    Last edited by Brave Frontier; 03-30-2017, 01:34 AM.
    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel:


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      Could you please please buff that abysmal drop rate of the robe?

      I have raided many many times even with fortune coffer, 4 guild mates, raid drope rate up event on with 3 stars AND destroyed every single part available yet not once I see that robe drop, only the f***ing bells drop as some sort of mocking my and other people effort.