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  • Please Help With Shusui Raid Class 5

    Hey this is my first post and I really need some help for Shusui to beat him in time. For me every time I face him I can survive without dying or having to use smoke bombs but my damage output isn't high enough so I end up getting him down to about 20-25% before time runs out so I wanted to know which units I should use to help me increase my damage output. The list shows all the units I have and I'm trying to try and find the perfect team to survive and beat him in time.

    Darvanshel 6
    Owen 6
    Griff 7
    Selena 7
    Elimio 7
    Karl 6
    Tazer 7
    Tridon 7
    Lario 6
    Zelnite 6
    Liberia 7
    Rahgan 7
    Zedus 7
    Atro 7
    Melchio 7
    Kira 7
    Charla 7
    Grahdens 6
    Elza 7
    Chrome 7
    Hadaron 7
    Vargas 7
    Michelle 7
    Vriksha 7
    Ruby 7
    Bestie 7
    Ciara 7
    Ultor 7
    Signas 7
    Medina 7
    Vernir 7
    Lance 7
    Grandverse 7
    Tora 7
    Oguro 7
    Duran 7
    Elaina 7
    Eze 7
    Shera 7
    Loch 7
    Reud 7
    Julius 7
    Deimos 7
    Alyut 7
    Rinon 7
    Aurelia 7
    Magress 7
    Shida 6
    Kikuri 7
    Feeva 7
    Ivris 7
    Reviora 7
    Semira 7
    Reis 7

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    Chrome lead
    Avant friend


    • Kriex
      Kriex commented
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      Ah, yes. Sorry, my anti-global exclusive mindset got the better of me.

    • Babafume
      Babafume commented
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      But wouldn't Aurelia be not needed since I have Elimio to remove ailments?

    • Rasler
      Rasler commented
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      aurelia can protect you from ailments, but elimo can't...i think you need elimo SBB too every 3 turn so you can't really rely on elimo BB to cure ailments every turn.

      i think shusui give atk, def, rec reduction too so you can easily cure with elimo. you don't have to rely on aurelia to debuff it if you use both of them.