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  • Looking For Committed Active Members For Slayas!

    Guild Name: Slayas

    Guild Leader: Fukuin

    Guild Level: 127

    Current Members: 40/45

    Guild Benefits: Zel 70%, Karma 50%, EXP 70%

    Prerequisites: Being able to download Band for communication with the rest of the guild, especially for use during Guild Raids, being able to commit to participating in at least one Guild Raid match each season, staying active, and having at least one Guild Raid Exclusive Leader, I.e. Zeis, Galea, Wannahon, Durumn, Keres, or Ceulfan.

    Our guild is currently finishing up our second match this season as rank 66. We are a serious guild that definitely aims to be in the top 1%, because we enjoy the rewards just as much as we enjoy the raids. You'll be joining a family of players, old and new, who take the time to help each other with anything game related, and you will always have a voice.

    You do not have to be a veteran of Guild Raids to be able to join us. We encourage old and new players who join us to ask questions when they need an answer, especially when it comes to the mechanics of Guild Raid and squad building. We are looking for several players that meet the above prerequisites who can replace inactive members, and if you wish to become a part of Slayas, simply reply to this post that you wish to join and mention whichever Guild Raid leaders you have, and then search our guild in game and request to join.

    We look forward to meeting any and all of our new comrades!

    Slayas Officer,
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    I would like to join this guild, if possible. I have Keres and Wannahon but I only evolved Keres. I can do Wannahon as well, if need be. My username is Dualitas (in game).

    Edit: I got Band as well
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      I'm lvl 335, username: Kratos
      I'm very chill about the game in general, but I'm frantic about raid, and I'm constantly being disappointed by other guilds.
      I only have Durumn, sadly, no Ceulfan came from the 10 superior chests last GR (╥_╥).
      I'm aiming for that top 1%, which is why I am applying to this guild.

      PS: found you guys in band btw
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      • Danuvius
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        Nice! I don't think anyone in our guild is currently in possession of Durumn. If you already found us in band, we are now in Discord. If you aren't in Discord yet but you are in the guild, there are links to our Discord chat within the in-game guild chat.