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  • Guild Slayas Recruiting Now! We Guild Raid Each Season!

    Guild Name: Slayas

    Guild Leader: Fukuin

    Guild Level: 120

    Guild Members: 35/45

    Benefits: Zel boost 60%, Karma boost 50%, EXP boost 65%.

    Selling points: We have Band for communication outside of guild chat so we can coordinate during guild raids, ask questions, squad building advice and more.
    We placed 103 in the third season of guild raid, courtesy of going up against Gaidin in the final match, which is the guild placing rank 7. Before that we were in rank 89, and this is all with only one open room of participants. We are looking for more active members to join and hopefully participate in guild raid. Join us, and not only will you be part of us getting into the top 100 guilds, but you will also receive phenomenal rewards and become a part of a family! Just search Slayas in the Guild search and send a request. We await your application!
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    Just gonna put this out there but if you want we could do a sorta guild merge my guild is maxed level and have got the trophy units the past 2 seasons and are currently in the same position and looking to add active guild raiders as a lot arnt active in gr. If this interests you let me know thank you


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      We appreciate the offer, but our leader prefers to keep our guild intact. Thank you very much for your suggestion and for taking the time to check out our post, and good day to you!


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        I'm very interested in joining your guild! I have a completely maxed out gaurdian Zenia lead and a maxed Faelon and working on my Junos SP plus many other units! I have sent a request already and would like to join and I'm very active!


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          I'm interested in joining, too. Just looking for a guild that participates in the raids - I usually have to go it alone. I sent a request in-game.


          CLICK HERE!