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  • Ruthless needs 3 more members

    The guild Ruthless is currently at 42/45 active members and placed top 54 in the last guild raid. Our current goal is to cap off the guild. We have a very active discord chat where you can get help for building squads to learning the latest news and updates. There are very few requirements to join. 1) you must be active 2) during guild raids joining the discord chat is mandatory. Donations are helpful to improve our boost, currently we have a 85% exp boost(almost 90%) and an 80% boost to both zel and karma. To join you can personally contact me, Ronin(another mod) or shinma, our guild leader, on discord. My id is elrbos#1744, Ronin's is Ronin#7703, and Shin's is shinma#6314, or you can always join the group chat if neither of us are responding at where one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Space is limited and will likely fill fast so be quick. Thank you for your consideration