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  • Show us what YOU can do in 1HiT.Guild LVL~60.Multiple EXP boosts&more.Room2grow!

    User id: Cerys
    Guild Name: 1HïT
    Friend ID Number: 790 574 2842 (no spaces)
    Friend ID copy/paste: 7905742842
    Members: 33/35
    Bonuses added to all members, either instant or with participation, applied to you, or for your quests/vortex/etc;
    1. +20% Exp (almost 25%) = instantly applied
    2. +20% Zel = instantly applied
    3. +10% Karma = instantly apllied
    4. Win often.. Golden chests, participation chests, many guild tokens, etc. = participation
    5. Amazing unique guild spheres, units, sphere frogs, burst emporers, mecha gods, much more! = participation
    6. Socialize, get help, help others.. Camaraderie! = instant/participation
    7. Competition via contributions and raid (we are currently 2 wins and 0 losses this season) = participation
    8. Fun!

    To possible applicant:
    Yes! You opened this message, so you are already almost a valued member of an awesome, quickly growing guild, and are soo close to all the unique spheres, treasure chests, bonus exp, zel, karma, and many other items and friends and more, that you can almost Hear our guild chanting your name, in hopes of another comrad in arms joining our ranks!
    And just in time, too! As our guild level has now grown well past guild level 50, we find ourselves holding TOO MUCH TREASURE and need someone to help us carry it all! We are willing to pay you in free bonus exp, zel and karma added on to every time you get exp from a quest, or vortex, etc.. and so we find ourselves looking for a few new guild members to join our guild: 1HiT ..and help us move up the ranks, while earning yourself LOTS of prizes, treasure chests, amazing guild spheres, guild tokens to buy a Lot of stuff, and of course, recognition, friends and more!
    Our gang is Over level 60, we have already unlocked Lots guild bonuses thanks to many contributing members (so far everyone in our guild gets an additional 20% EXP.. Almost 25%! added on to their total exp gained from each quest, vortex, etc!), and have unlocked bonus ZEL (20%) and Karma (10%) too!
    We are still young, true, but this also means that for the extremely dedicated, there is even room for promotions! Yes, Even YOU Could be promoted from a member to an officer of the guild, should you have the desire and ability to lead.. Or just come along for the ride! Because although we work hard at playing, we also play hard.. At.. Working? Anyway, Its all in fun, and we are a great place to make a name for yourself (even if you already have one?), or just join us, ask questions, learn, trial and error, etc.. There is no obligation to join for life.. Unless of course you decide to sign a blood pact.. Then of course you are stuck with us for life.. But otherwise, we answer all questions, and love helping new members.. Because you never know when your life will be in that members hands as we take on other guilds!
    Request an invite today, just in time for "Guild Raid 5", and join us! Once you do, you will instantly get all exp bonuses, zel/karma bonuses, access to Many amazing guild spheres with unique combinations of abilities, as well as being able to find many items in our guilds shop, such as mecha gods, sphere frogs, and much, much more..
    And dont forget to check out our guilds bulletin board once you join, where we will welcome you to the gang, answer any questions, post advice, or just have casual conversations.. and we would love to hear from you too! So make sure to stop in at the guild board and say hi.
    ALL levels welcome.. contribution and participation are a Big plus, as we are looking for a few big guns.. but even beginners can find a home with us.. Afterall, we were all new once, and werent born as impeccably flawless and fearless as some of us are now.. But you will grow with us.. and we will work with anyone who is willing to put enough effort in to follow us towards show them what you can do in one hit.. (one hit? 1HiT? Get it? )
    Oh, and in case you were thinking to yourself about how if we were a Real guild, we would have a motto... Yea? Well check it out.. And bask in its rhyming and inspirational glory!!
    We whom raid against the odds,
    get paid in spades to challenge gods..
    Underdogs? Perhaps a bit..
    Until they're KOd by 1HiT!

    Dont worry, there is No need to memorize it.. Just having fun.. But we highly encourage personality

    There are, however, THREE simple steps required to join our guild:

    1. Want to join.. Of course

    2. Search for my profile;
    (From the Main Menu;
    Touch Social..
    Then touch Add Friend..
    Then touch Friend Search..
    Then touch the blank white space so you can type in (or copy/paste) my ID number (7905742842)..

    3. Once my account is brought up, all you have to do is touch View Guild Info..
    And lastly, touch Request to Join!
    That will automatically send your request, and either myself or a fellow officer will approve you as soon as possible!
    The sooner the better, so we can get you in on all the guild raid treasure!

    Guild name: 1HïT
    Guild level: well over level 60!
    Bonuses: +20% bonus EXP (almost 25% and climbing!) added to your earned exp each quest, vortex, etc.. Instantly yours just for joining, and every day you remain in the gang it grows!
    (+20% zel too, karma and more every day..)
    My user id: Cerys
    My id number: 790 574 2842 (spaces between numbers are only there to make it easier to read.. So please do not include spaces between numbers when typing.. For anyone using copy/paste: 7905742842 ).

    Join soon, and help us finish up Guild Raid 5!! We are currently 2 wins no losses.. Could really use your help to keep winning! Hope to see you there!
    -Cerys of "1HiT"
    Last edited by Cerys; 07-28-2017, 09:51 AM. Reason: Guild growth!

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    OOooHOoooWEE..!! Ive heard of that guild called 1HiT.. They have got quite a future, i tell ya what..
    They might not have all of the highest numbers, or all of that fancy book learnin what some of those other whos-a-what guilds gots.. But that guild 1HiT has got something shiney in Their treasure.. Boy, if i could read, i would sure love to be lucky enough to read on up about how to join That guild.. Yes sir, They got stars in their eyes, and dreams in their hearts.. And may those stars in their eyes never blind em, nor the dreams in their hearts neer clog their arteries.. Because that guild is going places, i tell ya whut.. They just need a few more o the right members, and we aughta be seein them just a-swimmin in all that one could ever want! I say, i, for one, just hope it rains riches, fame and happiness on that guild.. And anyone who done what joins them, now. Stars and dreams.. Dreamy, starry, star-dreamin dream stars.. Thats what they got there.. Uh huh. And they got it by the boat load, i tell ya.. By the Boat load! Boy, Im just glad i can say i was right here in the thick of it.. The day they opened their doors and their hearts to the world.. Yup. Cuz they got starry dreamin boat loads.. And THEY are Going places.. I tell ya whut.
    So says; -Ol Crazy Hairs himself.. Mutton-chops Pete McGuffin.. Forever accompanied by his old, 3 legged bloodhound, buddy.


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      Dont mind him.. Though It can not be helped.. As i feel a strong force within that guild as well.. For, My master, My father.. Master Otsunasuke Kimihatsu.. has not only passed down through my bloodline a unique and sacred ability, but also through a many centuries old technique of training, has taught me to center my spirit energy in such a way that when combined with the talent of my bloodline, and through mere words, i am able to ascertain the worthiness of ones true self.. And after decades of what was beginning to seem as an endless journey, i too have become a believer in the guild called 1HiT.. For after using my special ki-like energy while reading their words, i have seen that it is not merely for those with with no experience and big dreams.. But is for those of us looking to challenge ourselves, as well.. In fact, for those of us who long to push ourselves to the limit, honing our skills.. Exploring our limits, and surpassing them.. And in 1HiT, i have found my home from which i may attain that next level from.. And ascend for the next thousand years. Every good nation benefits from all types of people.. I merely wanted to express that. Please forgive me.. The sun sets, and i myself must apply to this guild.. 1HiT ..before the limited room fills passed its peak.. And i am left to find another home. Therefor, i must go now.. Til we meet again. Sayonara.