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  • Thanks Gumi - You Fixed All GR Bugs But......

    .....Now the game mode is literally boring AF.

    Let me preface what I'm about to say by admitting that the guild feature, in general, has been an absolute miracle and a godsend on the global server. The ability to galvanize and bring the playerbase/community together using the concept of guilds significantly cemented the global server on a plateau of its own. Along with guilds, the concept of guild events and competition was only a natural progression and a no-brainer. The instantiation of new guild-related events, units, spheres, and competition instantly creates a new pipeline of content which is not only smart for business but also a solid foundation by which gumi can keep their playerbase engaged and interested.

    Guild Raid was supposed to be a culmination of all of these brilliant concepts and it held so much potential. But alas, gumi's execution of said content leaves much to be desired. We all knew that gumi's intentions were to promote a collaborative, team-oriented experience with GR. It was also not surprising, however, (due to gumi's horrible track record of producing content that actually works) when we discovered a surplus of bugs/exploits that intelligent guilds were able to quickly identify and capitalize on. Bringing nuke squads to farm trash mobs for massive points, exploiting trash mob hotspot on the boss's deathbed, and even the hit-and-run method to perpetuate boss HP pools to farm points -- these were all mechanics that top guilds were able to take advantage of. Suffice to say, these were obviously NOT intended by gumi and they have been burning the midnight oil trying to shore up all of these "exploits" and clean up the gaps in their game mode.

    Well, congratulations gumi. Round 3-1 in the most recent iteration of their "open beta" has successfully addressed (somewhat) and removed all of the primary exploits and hidden mechanics that top guilds have been able to discover. It was by far the closest semblance to what gumi had in mind when they first introduced "guild raid". Unfortunately for them, GR is now boring as ****.

    You see, what they didn't realize was that while the exploits may not have been intended, GR was the most "fun" most of us guild members could ever remember having in our BF careers. Why? Because something about discovering the "unknowns" of new content and being able to identify, recognize, and leverage different mechanics (that are not immediately obvious to everyone) to get ahead of the competition was FUN, engaging, and rewarding. The ability to take a given construct and maximize your own, unique performance and efficiency through hours of strategizing, theory-crafting, and in-guild coordination fully captured the WHOLE POINT of why guilds were supposed to be fun in the first place. It's sadly ironic and entirely moronic that all of this came on gumi's mistakes and their inability to code, rather than what they had actually conceived and planned. In short, we were having fun IN SPITE of gumi, not because of them. We were having fun on our own terms, but not in the way that gumi had intended.

    So what do they do? They patch/fix every exploit (or whatever you want to call it) and tell us (similar to a stern parent disciplining a child), "stop doing that, sit down, and play the "right" way". I'll go out on a limb and say that Round 3-1 was by far the LEAST amount of fun I've had in all of the GR rounds that I've played so far. Because gumi has absolutely removed all intelligence, thought, and ingenuity to their content. They have removed all aspects of GR that originally made it fun/engaging/rewarding and replaced it with a predictable, rudimentary, and shallow process of "follow step 1, then step 2, rinse and repeat for 22 hours". Yes, the game mode is now "fixed" and devoid of any exploits, but at the same time, you've also succeeded in absolutely taking the life and soul out of your own heralded content. Again, it is ironic to me that they started out with the intention of making GR fun and engaging, succeeded in delivering that accidentally through their own ineptitude and incompetence, and then proceeded to "fix" that problem, only to lose the essence of what made GR fun in the first place.

    In summary, give your playerbase a bit more credit. Don't treat us like brainless children. We are intelligent enough to think for ourselves and devise our own mechanisms for enjoying your content. We do not need to be spoon-fed what you deem as "fun". Sure, I understand that you need to "balance" the game mode so that it is fair across the entire spectrum of your playerbase, I get that. I'm also not saying that you should re-introduce the exploits/bugs nor am I promoting that style of gameplay. What I'm saying is that the essence of what made GR fun was the ability to tackle and achieve our objectives through a myriad of different ways. The ability to use different methods of problem-solving to arrive at a solution which can look different across different guilds can help garner a fresh and unique experience for everyone who is playing. This should be the TRUE goal of GR to bring back the "fun" aspect of it. Why not allow nuking tactics to exist in parallel with outpost / boss hunting? Why not introduce multiple ways and several hidden mechanics for guilds to score points throughout the GR round? Why limit yourselves to just one way to play the game? Hidden bosses? Secret trash mobs that give higher points? Randomized outpost locations and hidden outposts to discover? Etc. Etc. Etc. Instead of pigeon-holing yourself, expand on the variety of ways that guilds can farm points for GR.

    Not only will this promote more fun/engagement for the playerbase, but from a business standpoint, it also makes more sense. Having more variety of gameplay within GR will also produce more incentive to summon for different GR-themed global exclusives. As of right now, there is absolutely ZERO point for me to summon any GR exclusive units. Why? Because I literally need to do nothing except to field a lame combination of tanky legacy OE units and just hit/run the guardian boss as many times as I can, since this is now the ONLY viable way to farm points in GR. Not only is this hysterically boring, it also undermines gumi's own ability to promote a unit such as Keres. Why in the world would I need Keres when your own game mechanics dictate that I should do the least amount of damage to the boss as possible in order to farm more points collectively as a guild? The braintrust behind gumi's GR content development team and their unit design + business product are seriously NOT on the same page from my perspective.

    Bottom line, guilds are a fantastic idea on global. It will be the "lifeline" of global going forward to keep BF alive and engaging on this server. GR was gumi's trump card. It has just fallen flat in terms of player engagement and fun factor. The things that did make it fun initially were all unintended and quickly patched by gumi. But instead of helping the cause, it has only served to expose how mundane the content has now become. Provide multiple paths to play and a variety of ways to score points in GR. Variety + diversity will be your best friend in terms of keeping players and guilds engaged and having fun.
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    At first i didnt believe this baseless article worth commenting on so to keep it Short and are kind of annoying. Just saying.


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      Well developing and maintaining a game requires a lot of time and effort and knowing that the game is currently doing good in so many aspects I give it to the developers. Just saying too.
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