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  • Join Now! G.E.A Guild!!

    Hello Everyone! In case you missed it, G.E.A. is looking for talented and strong summoners to enter its gates! Please feel free to message me, I'll be here all this week looking for great summoners from around the globe! Show off what you got and join to help make this guild thrive!

    Here is a list of our guild's info!
    -Guild Level: 100 and rising
    -Zel Boost Level 5: 50% Zel Increase
    -Karma Boost Level 5: 50% Karma Increase
    -EXP Boost Level 8: 40% EXP Increase

    There are a total of 32 members but we can fill up to 40 members and one of them could be you! Go ahead and request to join and I'll be more than happy to make sure you get in! Just show me what you got! Thanks so much for making Brave Frontier one of the best games out there and I'll see you in the guild!
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    And if you did request to join the guild, please post your comment down below so your enrollment goes by much quicker! ^.^


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      There are only 8 slots left! Spots are limited so hurry in and apply!


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        Hello LadyDarkrai, if you have any open spots left, I would like to join your guild. I'm not sure if I'm talented but I'll do my best. If you have any questions about my units, level, and/or any other information, feel free to ask away.


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          My friends (Rem, RemWeeb) and I (Devante) have requested to join your guild when you get on can you accept us thank you


          • LadyDarkrai
            LadyDarkrai commented
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            Sure! We would be more than happy to add you! And those are your in game names right?

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          yes those are the names


          • LadyDarkrai
            LadyDarkrai commented
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            Alright! Thanks!

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          It should be noted that this guild is a stolen guild. Stolen from me. I sincerely ask everyone to avoid this guild and crush it when the guild raid comes in.


          • Shironui
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            I see, so that's explain QWERTea.
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