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  • Unit Details: Verdant Góēs Nimune

    Let us welcome the Green Death Nimune as she enters the world of Grand Gaia. Check out her details below:

    Name: Verdant Góēs Nimune
    Element: Earth
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 50

    Lord-type Stats
    Max HP: 8234 (1250)
    Max Atk: 3219 (800)
    Max Def: 3048 (400)
    Max Rec: 3105 (500)

    Normal Attack
    Number of hits: 16
    Max BC generated: 54 (4 BC/hit)


    Leader Skill - Thousand Debaucheries Oasis
    • 60% boost to Atk, Rec, max HP, 15% damage reduction from Fire, Earth, Dark types, hugely boosts all elemental damage [150%] & Spark damage boosts BB gauge [2-3 BC]
    Brave Burst - Hemlock-Lead Consumption
    • BC required: 26
    • Max BC Generated: 23 (1 BC/hit)
    • 23 combo Earth attack on all foes, hugely boosts BB gauge [7 BC] for 3 turns, damage taken [20-25%] may [20%] slightly restore HP, powerful additional damage at turn's end [500%] for 3 turns & adds low probability [10%] of resistance against 1 KO attack
    Super Brave Burst - Flesh-Cutting Grass
    • BC required: 28
    • Max BC generated: 26 (1 BC/hit)
    • 26 combo powerful Earth, Fire, Dark attack on all foes, Spark damage boosts BB gauge [2-3 BC] for 3 turns, hugely boosts elemental damage [150%] for 3 turns, powerful additional damage at turn's end [500%] for 3 turns & probability [10%] of raising allies from KO [20%HP]
    Ultimate Brave Burst - Verdant Vine Coffin
    • BC required: 32
    • Max BC generated: 33 (1 BC/hit)
    • 33 combo massive Earth attack [1800%] on all foes (with additional 5% damage of foes' max HP), enormously boosts all elemental damage [500%] for 3 turns, damage taken [100%] enormously restores HP for 3 turns, massive additional damage at turn's end [1500%] for 3 turns & high probability [80%] of raising allies from KO [20%HP]
    Extra Skill - Viridarium Umbrae
    • Boosts elemental damage [100%] & damage taken [20-25%] may [20%] restore HP of all allies
    SP Cost SP Option Description
    10 50% boost to max HP
    10 50% boost to Atk, Def, Rec when BB gauge is over 50%
    10 Boosts elemental damage [50%]
    10 Greatly boosts elemental damage [100%]
    10 Spark damage considerably boosts BB gauge [2-4 BC]
    20 Negates all status ailments
    20 10% damage reduction from Fire, Earth, Dark types
    30 Adds greatly restores HP [4000-4500 HP] effect to BB/SBB
    40 Adds slight additional damage reduction for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB
    40 Enhances [+500%] SBB's additional damage at turn's end effect but reduces duration to 1 turn

    [7✯ Lore]

    A natural prodigy of plant-based magic, Nimune was well-known for her beauty -- but her razor-sharp intellect proved to intimidate many suitors who came seeking for her hand. Fortunately, her keen insight improved her family's fortune, helping them overlook that particular issue in her character. Under her tutelage, her family's vineyards grew prodigiously and their wine gained fame throughout the land. Yet the steady stream of men who desired marriage soon waned, while others began to indiscreetly point out that their rich holdings lay defenseless from accidents, bandits, and other calamities. The end to her family's woes came one day when a family of minor nobility arrived with their eccentric son in tow. Despite their misgivings, Nimune hit it off with the young man, and their wedding was soon planned. Tragedy, however, struck: Nimune was found to be sterile and could not bear children. Devastated, they began to seek answers all over the land, using their wealth to travel to the most forbidding of places. No price was too high, and soon they were both well-versed in diabolist works of blackest magic. Every spirit that they consulted, though, spoke the same answer: that there was no hope for their union to have children. It was only in the farthest reaches of a forgotten library where they found a map to the island of Fuindor, where even the darkest of miracles was possible. Their search for knowledge, however, brought them to the attention of the Inquisition. Hounded by their enemies, Nimune wept tears of verdant scarlet as she held the bleeding body of the only man she loved. It was at this moment that she swore bitter revenge as his blood mingled with hers, burning a mystical mark into her soul. She would search for a way to bring him back to her side, even if she had to squeeze the life out of every mortal she met...

    [Omni Lore]

    A natural prodigy of plant-based magic, Nimune awoke in the depths of a lightless cave. As she explored her surroundings and saw the hordes of demons around her, she realized that she had arrived at the island of Fuindor. Yet her joy was tempered by her grief, and she soon set herself to work. Soon, the tainted land answered her mystic summons, and she soon set off on her quest to find the secret that would allow her to defy death itself. But her work was fraught with frustration, for the magic that she tried to wield slipped from her hands with an unnatural strength when she needed it the most. Demons searched for her ceaselessly, and while she didn't attract any attention from the infamous Raug overlords, it was only a matter of time before her work would be noticed. Yet she managed to gain some progress here and there, with her work finally allowing her to open a small hole to the underworld momentarily and call the soul of her husband back to her side. Having sealed the essence of her beloved in a specially-grown phylactery, she began the search for the second stage in her plan: a body for her love that could endure the test of time. To her surprise, a demon appeared by her side one night, with a message from the Raug...
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