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  • Unit Details: Dusk Star Khepratum

    An unrelenting force is felt across Grand Gaia as Khepratum's Omni Evolution is unleashed! Check out her full details below:

    Name: Dusk Star Khepratum
    Element: Thunder
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 50

    Lord-type Stats

    Max HP: 8580 (1250)
    Max Atk: 2950 (400)
    Max Def: 3340 (800)
    Max Rec: 3010 (500)

    Normal Attack
    Number of hits: 15
    Max BC generated: 45 (3 BC/hit)

    Leader Skill - A Riddle of Heaven
    • 65% boost to Atk, Def and max HP of Thunder types, Spark damage boosts BB gauge by 2-3 BC, reduces damage taken by 20% for 1 turn when HP is below 50% & reduces BB gauge required by 25% for BB.
    Brave Burst- The Stars See All
    • BC required: 28
    • Max BC Generated: 18 (1 BC/hit)
    • 18 combo 420% Thunder attack on all foes, 50% damage reduction for 2 turns, 30% chance for 1 turn Atk, Def reduction by 50% & adds 500% attack at turn's end for 3 turns.
    Super Brave Burst- Yet They Are Blind
    • BC required: 30
    • Max BC generated: 21 (1 BC/hit)
    • 21 combo 620% Thunder attack on all foes, 50% damage reduction for 2 turns, 30% chance for 1 turn Atk, Def reduction by 50%, Spark damage boosts BB gauge by 2-3 BC for 3 turns, restores 4000-4500 HP & additional damage reduction by 15% for 3 turns.
    Ultimate Brave Burst - None Shall Remember You
    • BC required: 32
    • Max BC generated: 24 (1 BC/hit)
    • 24 combo 1800% Thunder attack on all foes, Spark damage boosts BB gauge by 5-8 BC for 3 turns, fully restores HP for 3 turns, 40% boosts to max HP & additional damage reduction by 50% for 3 turns.
    Extra Skill - A Guardian Reborn
    • 20% boost to all parameters of Thunder types, adds resistance against 1 KO attack when HP is below 20% & negates all status ailments.
    SP Options
    SP Cost Description
    20 30% boost to all parameters
    15 Raises all parameter boost from 30% to 50%
    10 Boosts BB gauge by 4 BC each turn
    20 Negates Def ignoring damage
    5 Adds elemental damage negation for 2 turns effect to BB/SBB
    10 Adds status ailment removal effect to BB/SBB
    20 Enhances success rate of BB/SBB's Atk and Def reduction effect by 10%
    10 Allows BB/SBB's Atk and Def reduction effects to last for 2 turns
    25 Adds 15% Water & Thunder damage reduction for 2 turns effect to BB/SBB
    35 Adds critical damage negation for 2 turns effect to BB/SBB

    [7✯ Lore]

    In the days before man learned to write or wield tools, monstrous creatures were imbued with divine power by the gods, tasked to defend their holiest places against mortal intrusion. At first, Khepratum was pleased with the assignment that she was tasked with: a mountain oasis that was blessed by the gods with healing properties. It was well-hidden, and only creatures of the wild came and went. She lived a life of leisure as she kept the sanctum clean and busied herself with reading, nature, and the occasional stroll under the stars. Yet as the years drew by with no gods or spirits coming to visit, she began to wonder if the heavens had forgotten about her. Despite the worrying silence, she did not shirk her duty. Trouble came to her one day as a mortal man came to the foot of the mountain, his skin ashen white as he bore bloodied artifacts of power. Sensing that he had ill intentions, Khepratum sent word to the gods before preparing herself for the attack. She did not have to wait long, for the man hurled cold, shadowy talons at her while the very air screamed and wept in agony. Despite her strengths, Khepratum felt her power ebb bit by bit, stolen by the stranger and added to his own. Soon, her heartbeat seemed to stop entirely, and her last memory was that of falling to the floor, wondering if help would come as the world suddenly fell silent around her...

    [Omni Lore]
    • As she opened her eyes, Khepratum was surprised. Despite the past theft of her divine power, she was still alive - and recovering, if the flow of power back into her body was any indication. She began to stretch and explore her surroundings, eager to find out what had happened during her slumber. The oasis was heavily overgrown, with vines and thick greenery covering the scars of the battle. She realized that while centuries had passed, not one god or spirit had answered her pleas for aid. Saddened at their silence, Khepratum decided to explore the world as soon as she was able. With powerful limbs and a mighty staff, she began her journey down the mountain she had called home. Khepratum wandered the land, and what she saw angered her greatly. The audacity of the mortal thief - a man that she found out was called the God-King - raised her ire, and it was with some guilt that she exulted in the news of his downfall. Yet the scars of his crimes had severely scarred the land, with the dead rising from their graves in growing numbers each day. As she arrived at the base of a wall that the humans had raised to stop the enroaching desert, she saw a young woman with a brilliant, star-like light rallying the defenders against the hordes of the undead. The heavens shook that day as she called down powerful bolts of lightning, but they would be forced to retreat as the sweltering ranks of the damned seemed to grow. To her surprise, her hated foe's face leered at her from its ghostly body over the horizon...
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    This is just a suggestion but please stop making mitigators without 75% mitigation or 100% mitigation on their ubbs it kinda detracts from their usefulness in the harder content in the game.


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