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  • Ask the Producer! [Question Thread for Brave News Channel Episode 23]

    Greetings Summoners!

    We would like to thank everyone for supporting our latest Brave News Channel episode!

    For now, let us use this opportunity to send in our questions for Brave News Channel episode 23!

    • We advise everyone not to spam.
    • If you have multiple questions, kindly post it on one reply and number it accordingly.
    • We will try our very best to answer most of the questions that will be posted here.
    Please see Brave News Channel episode 23 here:

    Thank you everyone! Keep the questions coming!

    ~ Brave Frontier Global Team
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    1. When is Allanon get Omni?
    2. When will you fix Guild Raid bug, like you can stay in map and keep increasing score after match has ended?
    3. What should I do to make Windows Brave Frontier doesn't force closed again?
    4.When will you implementing free video slot for Windows Brave Frontier?
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      1. Why Brave Frontier on Android are very lagging or slower than Brave Frontier on IOS version? Could you optimize it and increasing performance on android Brave Frontier?


      • GamerDeys
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        I think it depends on the device.

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      1- Will we be able to buy certain elgifs like Brave Shadow on their own? I missed out on it, and I'd rather not buy a 30 dollar bundle when all I really want is an elgif. I would rather exchange some gems or pay like 2.99 or something. Sure, if I want the tickets, then the bundle makes sense, but when I only want the elgif, it becomes a bit of a hassle.

      2- Can we add a dedicated GLEX elgif dungeon? Maybe we can add them to a level in the Imp dungeon or Forbidden tablets?

      3- Can we entertain the idea that Global Exclusive LS spheres will have upgrade options released alongside the omnis for their respective units?

      4- I've noticed that Guardians have a level attached to them. Is this feature going to be expanded on?

      5- Are there any Global Exclusive Vortex Dungeons that are being considered for regular or even permanent circulation?

      6- Why not just give Tridon a Barrier AND a Shield when he gets his omni? Actually, while I'm on the subject, I'd like to request that the OMNI forms of Nyami and Hadaron get evasion on top of stealth. I feel like that could make them very powerful self buffed nukers with even higher survivability. Actually, now that I think about it, evasion could be extremely powerful on a unit with taunt, so I might as well ask that evasion be added to the OMNI forms for Ultor/Deimos.

      7- I would like to know if you guys would ever consider making stat conversions for the same stat compatible. I really like using REC to ATK, but it seems that doing so makes having DEF to ATK redundant. I really think that certain units might be used more if this incompatibility was removed. Alternatively, rather than adding the feature into the game unilaterally, why not just release a unit that enables conversion stats to stack?

      8- Are we going to get a Semira omni with Pumpkin Spirit Jack [FIRE UNIT?] as a Limited Release for the upcoming halloween event?

      9- Before omni units were released, the gates for 3-4 star units and 5-7 star units had already been split. Is there any chance that the omni unit batches are also going to be split into their own gate? There are certainly enough omni batches now that such a split would certainly be possible.

      10- There are now several GE units that drop from Vortex Dungeons (Fei, Battle Maidens, Xenon/Estia). Maybe a good way to justify giving them decent omni forms would be to borrow the concept used by BF RPG and require multiple copies of the units to evolve them.

      11- Are we ever going to get some more of the weapons/characters mentioned in the Xenon/Estia lore as units/spheres? Will we ever see any Omni forms for Grandt/Elaina? While on the subject, is the team still developing the time stop mechanic, and if so, will Elaina have it?

      12- How often can we expect an old Limited Release unit to have their skills buffed when their gate re-opens?

      13- Are there any Limited Release units in consideration for being permanently added to the summon pool?

      14- I know that GL has already stated that they will continue to support BF1 with new content as long as there is demand for it even after BF2 comes out, and I also know that Takahashi-san offered to let GL make Omni Priscilla on their own. Does this mean that ALIM will let GUMI make Legacy Omni evolutions for "JP" legacy units on GL server once BF2 comes out?

      15- Are features like being able to directly buy units going to come to Global, or will such functions remain JP only? Moreover, if we do get confirmed summon, will we be able to use summon tickets/specialized summon tickets/money for the feature, or just gems?

      16- Are there any plans to release Global Exclusive units with Arthur/Natalame's buff?

      17- Are there any plans to add new levels for Omni+ / elemental paradigm later down the line? 20 SP is really good for a lot of units, but other units like Alice might not be able to fully take advantage of that when taking their more popular builds into account.

      18- Do you think we can get an episode of Fantabulous Frontier dedicated to Giselle?

      19- Are the Uprising units considered as LE or not? If not, why are they unavailable in the regular summon / UoC?

      20- Are we ever going to get a unit for the form of Juno-Seto and Ensa-Taya before they "split up"?

      21- Is GUMI ever going to bring back the Unit Art Contest? And, while on the subject, will we get an Omni for Lucia at some point?

      22- Any word on upgrades for Randolph/Ravenna and their spheres?

      23- Is there any chance that higher tier chests (like gold to platinum 2) from GR might have a chance of randomly dropping an older GR reward unit (random type) in future Guild Raid seasons? It could be something like a 10% chance to get one random previous GR reward unit of a random type for Gold, and then a 10% increase per higher tier of chest (up to a total of 30% for platinum 2). Frankly, I'd find that more appealing and reliable than gunning for a low rate from a chest in guild exchange. It also lessens the sting of RNG if the roll is tied to a single chest rather than chests that are bought.

      24- Is there any chance that we can get Snow Miku/Vocaloid omni evolutions?
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        1 - Tridon and Allanon OE? (Please don't screw them like you did with Zenia when she just came out).
        2 - Will you EVER put safety net on summons considering that the summon rates in GL are OBVIOUSLY lower than JP and EU?
        3 - What about making the tent remain open only for evo materials? (since is quite annoying (and a waste of time) to get them from vortex considering the amount of stuff you gave us to do).
        4 - What about making non LT units for a while? I mean we already have the double (or more) of LT than non-LT exclusives...
        5 - What about making raid summon (Keres, Wannahon, etc.) accesible for UoC along with Neferet and Rahotep, think you can gave us that?
        6 - Why not make the SRL (Summoner Research Lab) TZ (Trial Zone) and SZ something aside of the common (JP) Trials and SZ? Something like having 2 tabs inside the TZ and SZ, that says Trials (the ones that came from JP) and the other GLEX Trials (the ones you create), and same for SZ. This will make it more accesible to get the units you want without doing unnecessary things like cleaning all the way up to Cardes to get Xie'Jing (which will also help to save gems for us).
        7 - I know it's quite soon yet but, do you have any plan on expanding the OE+ thing (OE+4, OE+5, OE+6, etc. or making the paradigm for rainbow teams)?
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          1. What type of unit benefits the most from omni+?
          2. What's it like being a game dev for Brave Frontier?


          • GamerDeys
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            Your second question is actually a good one. I'm curious now.

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          1. Confirmed Summon for 3* Base Units, when? Cause we barely even see Sefia and the others now due to the removal of the Rare Summon Gate
          2. Any chance of Randolph and Ravenna getting an OE (please give them a lower Safety Net if they return, F2P players can't reach 20+ Summons just to get them...)
          3. What happened to the return of CA 2.0?
          4. What happened to the poll of possible collabs? (I understand that getting the contract to do the collab will be hard but at least tell us something)
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            I hate the current frame during battle... It blocked my enjoyment of view regarding the practical uses for it to see Critical and Spark with clear. Can you have an option to turn it off and on for some people like me? I mean it does sure makes me easy to see the actual Spark and Critical but I want it in the old ways rather than the new one.


            • #9
              1.I know a lot of people have probably asked already but when are we getting the Omni evolutions of the eneroth batch?
              2. Given how slow the Omni evolutions of past global exclusives have released when should we expect to see the Omni evolutions of athensphere units?
              3.I know Challenge Arena was announced to be brought back around second quarter but we haven't heard anything since, Is it coming back in the near future or should we put off our expectations for a bit?


              • #10
                1) Could you put guild unit up to purchase directly from the guild exchange hall instead of the chest ?
                2) Could you please increase the number of ppl for the Arena Vortex's sphere (Top 100 is just too small) ? or put the sphere in the Barzaa instead ?
                3) What will happen to the unused summer tickets after the event ? (I have almost all the unit the pool, so it would be better if it could transfer to normal one after the event.)
                4) Will we ever get 2X merit points event ?
                Thank you.
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                • Caid
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                  #1 Highly doubt this would happen, but would be cool.

                  #2 This is already done.

                  #3 Sadly it is stated (and on all similar gates) that those tickets will dissapear if you don't use them, they won't be transfered, won't be transformed on normal ST, they'll just be erased so I'll recommend you to use them all whenever you want, but use them don't let the gate go away.

                  #4 See #1.

              • #11
                Who exactly is Jeu'vrr? Theres soo many spheres of this person and Laresa seems to know who he/she is. "Well, i appreciate the assis...oh, for Jeu'vrr's sake, please tell me thats not more paperwork!"


                • #12
                  When allanon tridon also nyami will get their OE? Remember they are top.5 winner for omni

                  Can we get elemental paradigmn on 3rd arc?

                  When gumi will.update brave points rewards? Level up rewards 505, 510 etc

                  When will Update reward on frontier hunter records after sacred longbow?

                  Will be Tilith chan get omni evolution like on Europe server? Lugina karl seria paris? Because grahdens and owen already OE and we can FH. Mostly i wish Tilith get her OE she's so cute and helper unit in squad 😍

                  Will Nick Jack Eva (one of then) get their OE for this christmas?
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                    1. Could you please make a MVP rewards for guild raid? Getting the same prize with your guild member who doesn't even contribute anything is frustating.

                    2. When are you going to implement continous fast forward when repeating quests?

                    3. You did a poll for which Global Exclusive to be given Omni First, i remember Nyami getting the first place. When are you going to release the unit?

                    4. Are you going to put safety net for future rare summon release? I understand that you are trying to make profit, but it's absurd that after 50 summons on the supposedly rate up gate for certain character and yet you still end up not getting any of them. Money doesn't grow on trees guys, we bought your product, we expect to get what we paid for.


                    • #14
                      How often will 1/2 STP in the Summoning arts Lab happen? Will it only be on occasion or perhaps become a monthly event?

                      Will there ever be a ranking event where the high tier rewards don't just go to the p2w players? You say that the top rewards go to players 'with the best performance', but we all know that those people are just buying their way up the ranks. Show the f2p players some respect and love.

                      As for the summon gates, there really should be a safety net. Continually opening 'rates up' gates is just money grabbing (we all know it, don't even try denying it) when the max rate up probably doesn't even hit double digits. People who are summoning 25+ times without getting the featured unit aren't getting a fair deal, especially if they're f2p. Plus there's the excessive number of elgifs from summoning x amount of times to consider, as they just take up space.


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                        Could you give us a free sp reset when the unit enhanced to Omni+3?


                        CLICK HERE!