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  • Omni+ Developer's Diary Part 1

    Omni+ Boost Developer's Diary

    Hi everyone, we are pleased to share more details about Omni+ Boost feature in this edition of Developers’ Diary - Omni+ Boost Part 1.

    Introduction to Omni+ Boost:

    Omni+ Boost is a new feature introduced to further maximize the effectiveness and flexibility of players’ favorite Omni units. Omni+ boost can only be applied to Omni rarity units and is available for all Omni units!

    Omni+ Boost does not increase unit rarity and is intended to allow optimization and offer a wider variety of potential SP Option builds. It also serves to provide greater value to duplicate units which can be used in one of the Omni+ Boost options, on top of their existing purpose to trade-in for merit points.

    In addition, equipping 3 or more same element Omni+ units in squad will activate Elemental Paradigm which provides additional passive parameters and damage boost effects of increasing effectiveness relative to the number of same element Omni+ units. This will complement the Omni Resonance mechanic and arm players with an additional edge for using mono elemental squads to employ in current and upcoming global content.

    Together with Guild and Event Bazaar, this feature also marks a significant moment where Brave Frontier Global content design and direction is expanding beyond that of the Japan version and attempting to breathe new life into the squad building meta that is growing stale. Please look forward to the feature details!

    Omni+ Boost Levels and Effects:

    There are 3 levels of Omni+ Boost: Omni+1, Omni+2 and Omni+3. Each level will increase units' Raised Stats and Skill Points (SP) limit. Players will be able to further customize Omni units’ enhancement options with the additional SP unlocked.

    Boost Level SP Raised ATK Raised DEF Raised REC Raised HP
    Omni+1 +5 +60 +60 +60 +150
    Omni+2 +5 +120 +120 +120 +300
    Omni+3 +10 +180 +180 +180 +450

    How to Omni+ Boost:

    Omni+ Boost feature can be accessed through “Unit > Evolve Unit” and there are 2 ways to boost an Omni unit: Elemental and Duplicate options. These 2 options will require different Omni+ boost materials.
    • Elemental Option
      • Requires Elementium Tome (Rare), Ignis Shard, Algor Shard, Terra Shard. Fulgur Shard, Lux Shard, Umbra Shard

    • Duplicate Option
      • Requires Geminus Tome (Premium) and duplicate Omni units

    Any player will be able to Omni+ boost his Omni units by collecting sufficient materials and the 2 options provided will give greater flexibility for players.

    Where to collect Omni+ Boost materials:

    Omni+ Boost materials can be collected from both regular and event contents including login bonus, achievements, event bazaar, exchange halls, vortex missions.

    During Summer Festival celebration, the materials are available in following contents:
    • Summer Festival Login Bonus
    • Summer Weekend Achievements
    • Guild Exchange Hall (Guild Raid S5)
    • Vortex Arena “Infernal Showdown” Rewards
    • Vortex Arena Event Bazaar
    Players will be able to collect enough materials from the first half of the Summer Festival Login Bonus to boost 2 Omni units to Omni+1!

    This concludes the Developers’ Diary this time round and we will share more details about Omni+ Boost material requirements and Elemental Paradigm effects in Part 2.
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  • #2
    Please consider the function of burning Omni dupes into material, we don't get dupes of "players favorite Omni units", we get dupes of Omni we would happily sacrifice for "players favorite Omni units"


    • #3
      Will we get total 20SP or 10SP? that's not clearly written.


      • #4
        When will this omni+ available ???


        • #5
          Please make geminus tome cheaper than legend stone, its hard to get merit now


          • #6
            hhmmmm.... so we can get omni plus in 2 ways, mostly the elemental option is more accessible than duplicate option


            • #7
              Please consider an automatic SP reset when a unit gets to Omni+, this way players can plan the SP allocation better.


              • LouiseBetita
                LouiseBetita commented
                Editing a comment
                This is quite a nice idea. just so we can freely adapt with the new skill sets.

            • #8
              So, Do we still need to max the levels of the Omni Duplicate units? :-O


              • Chaos
                Chaos commented
                Editing a comment
                Hopefully not but seeing as how all the evolution materials are all lvl1 MAX.
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