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  • Unit Details: [Guilty Gear Collaboration] Dizzy

    A NEW Collaboration Limited Edition unit has arrived in Grand Gaia to showcase her power. Let Dizzy join your squad and be the first to witness her full potential. Check out her full details below:

    Name: Dizzy
    Element: Earth
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 54

    Lord-type Stats:
    Max HP: 8400 (1500)
    Max Atk: 3400 (600)
    Max Def: 3350 (600)
    Max Rec: 2880 (600)

    Normal Attack:
    Number of hits: 17
    Max BC generated: 51 (3 BC/hit)


    Leader Skill - Triple-Faced Maiden of Fate
    • 60% boost to Atk, max HP, 30% boost to critical hit rate, hugely boosts critical damage [125%], hugely boosts all elemental damage [150%] & boosts Atk relative to remaining HP [0-80%]
    Brave Burst - Skull Crusher
    • BC Required: 22
    • Max BC generated: - 10% damage reduction from Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder types for 2 turns, negates critical damage for 2 turns, boosts BB gauge [10 BC] & fills own BB gauge to max
    Super Brave Burst - Gamma Ray EX
    • BC required: 30
    • Max BC generated: 24 (1 BC/hit)
    • 24 combo powerful Earth attack on all foes (damage relative to remaining HP) [200-900%], hugely boosts BB Atk [450%] for 3 turns, hugely boosts all elemental damage [150%] for 3 turns, considerably boosts critical damage [75%] for 3 turns & enormously boosts critical hit rate [60%] for 3 turns
    Ultimate Brave Burst - Emotional Gamma Ray
    • BC required: 32
    • Max BC generated: 27 (1 BC/hit)
    • 27 combo massive Earth attack on all foes (damage relative to remaining HP) [1500-2800%], enormously boosts all elemental damage [450%] for 3 turns, enormously boosts critical damage [350%] for 3 turns, fills own BB gauge to max & hugely boosts max HP [40%]
    Extra Skill - Life or Death Choices
    • Negates elemental damage, raises Atk parameter limits to 130000, 50% boost to Spark damage & slightly boosts critical damage [20%] for all allies
    SP Options:
    SP Cost Description
    10 30% boost to Atk, max HP
    20 30% boost to all parameters (requires 30% boost to Atk, max HP SP to unlock)
    20 120% boost to Spark damage
    20 Enhances LS's Atk boost relative to remaining HP [+ 40-60%] effect
    40 Enhances LS's critical damage boost effect [+100%]
    20 Enhances BB's BB gauge boost effect [+2 BC]
    25 Enhances BB's Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder elemental damage reduction [+5%] effect
    25 Adds status ailment removal effect to BB
    15 Enhances SBB's critical damage [+25%] boost effect
    20 Enhances SBB's elemental damage [+25%] boost effect
    35 Adds huge Atk boost relative to Def for 3 turns effect to SBB [80% Def to Atk]

    [7★ Lore]

    A woman from another world who is half-Gear and half-human. Dizzy's origins caused her to be persecuted often, and even more so when a gigantic bounty was placed on her head. She is kind and gentle in nature, making her apprehensive about the aggressive way in which her defense mechanisms automatically react against anyone they deem dangerous. Eventually she managed to escape the limelight for a short period of time, but it wasn't long until she began a new life as part of a band of noble pirates.

    [Omni Lore]

    A half-Gear woman from another world. Not many details are known about Dizzy's life, but there are rumors that she fell in love with the first King of Illyria, and that she bore him a son. Shortly thereafter she became involved in the incident revolving around the sublimation of Gears by Valentine, but escaped thanks to the King's intervention. Although she continues to live in hiding to this day because she detests confrontations, she will not hesitate to use her incredible powers to protect those she loves most.

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    OMTilith first cost 54... and is juicy