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  • Ask the Producer! [Question Thread for Brave News Channel Episode 20]

    Greetings Summoners!

    We would like to thank everyone for supporting our latest Brave News Channel episode!

    For now, let us use this opportunity to send in our questions for Brave News Channel episode 20!

    • We advise everyone not to spam.
    • If you have multiple questions, kindly post it on one reply and number it accordingly.
    • We will try our very best to answer most of the questions that will be posted here.
    Please see Brave News Channel episode 20 here:

    Thank you everyone! Keep the questions coming!
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    1- When I buy bundles, I usually do it to get an OP GE Elgif. Is there any way that you guys could make them regularly available? I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a Trial level vortex or raid that dropped such elgifs, or perhaps putting them in the guild exchange for a high price and occasionally switching them out for other GE Elgifs. Heck, this'd probably go great with that upcoming token system!

    2- Is there any chance of Zenia getting buffed a bit? She is pretty slot efficient, but her LS Sphere and Spark boost limit her use. I often have trouble putting her in squads because her survivability and the squad's damage can suffer if I try to use her as my spark buffer with her sphere equipped. Sure, Zenia's damage is great with her buffs up and her sphere equipped, but she can be surprisingly susceptible to DoT and forces the squad to avoid BB Spam like the plague. There have been plenty of times when using Zenia would have been perfect, if not for the fact that I already had a better spark buffer in the squad, at which point trying to use Zenia as my main nuker will actually bring the squad's damage down or forces the squad to forgo BB spam in favor of normal attacks, which isn't exactly the best idea for most content. This makes Zenia a little too situational to use, despite her high synergy with other GE units and her otherwise solid kit.

    3- Can we entertain the idea that Global Exclusive LS spheres will have upgrade options released alongside the omnis for their respective units?

    4- I've noticed that Guardians have a level attached to them. Is this feature going to be expanded on?

    5- Are there any Global Exclusive Vortex Dungeons that are being considered for regular or even permanent circulation?

    6- Why not just give Tridon a Barrier AND a Shield when he gets his omni?

    7- I found out that conversion buffs for the same stat don't stack. I'd like to know if you guys would ever consider making them compatible. I really like using REC to ATK, but it seems that doing so makes having DEF to ATK redundant. I really think that certain units might be used more if this incompatibility was removed.

    8- Since we got Ciara's [FIRE UNIT] omni this year along with Galtier [DARK UNIT] as a Limited Release, does that mean that next year we're going to get a Semira [DARK UNIT] omni with Pumpkin Spirit Jack [FIRE UNIT?] as a Limited Release?

    9- Since Shion's LS and SP allow him to match Zeruiah's EXP boost much more economically, is there a chance that Zeruiah might have her SP skills or even her LS adjusted to keep her as the more attractive option for EXP grinding on hard quests and SKD? I mean, the the extra damage and similar EXP boost Shion gives compared to Zeruiah makes him the better choice for such situations, especially if Regil, Zekt, or Eleanor are already in the squad. At this point, the only time I'd want Zeruiah over Shion is when I want to farm an item, but Shion-Zelnite is actually still more economical than Zeruiah in that case, especially considering the recent difficulty spike in farming dungeons. If Zeruiah wants to compete, she needs to be buffed, or at least have her SP options modified.

    10- There are now several GE units that drop from Vortex Dungeons (Fei, Battle Maidens, Xenon/Estia). Maybe a good way to justify giving them decent omni forms would be to borrow the concept used by BF RPG and require multiple copies of the units to evolve them.

    11- Are Randolph and Ravenna going to come back to Global in a similar fashion to their BF RPG release?

    12- I appreciate the fact that you guys reopen some of the Limited release gates every once in awhile. However, what I really want to know instead of when the gates will be available again is how often can we expect Limited Release units to have their skills buffed when their gates re-open. The last time the Paradox Blossoms had their gates re-opened, they were buffed a little bit. However, the Paradox Blossoms have not been given buffs upon re-release lately, and that made me want to know when we can expect an old Limited Release unit to get buffed upon their re-release and when we can expect the unit to retain its old skills.

    13- Since you asked for suggestions regarding possibilities for the Omni+ system in episode 19, I would like to recommend the following: A series of rotating vortex missions. More specifically, each mission can drop two items; a special item with a low drop rate that only that vortex mission can drop, and a generic item that all the missions in the series can drop. What I would recommend would be making the items similar to sphere frogs, in the sense that fusing them to your unit unlocks the feature. There would be, say, an item that increases the imp cap for a specific stat, and then an item that unlocks extra SP. The generic item would be used to level up the Omni + level, which allows a unit to use more of the special items. In other words, once you raise your Omni+ level, you can unlock more imp stats and SP with the corresponding items, fuse imps and frogs to hit the new limits, and repeat the process until the last Omni+ bonus is unlocked with a maxed Omni+ level, meaning your unit has reached the maximum amount of times it can have its limits raised, and then that limit is met one last time with more imps and frogs. This would make Omni+ grind intensive and a little time consuming, but relatively easy to use and access, thus encouraging players to only unlock Omni+ on their favorite or most commonly used units. It would essentially function a bit like the standard parameter raising functions from other similar games. I actually came up with this from my experience with FFBE, Chain Chronicle, and PotK (Global versions, of course).

    14- Are there any Limited Release units in consideration for being permanently added to the summon pool?

    15- Will the next UoC pool include Raid Summon Units?

    16- Before omni units were released, the gates for 3-4 star units and 5-6 star units had already been split. Is there any chance that the omni unit batches are also going to be split into their own gate? There are certainly enough omni batches now that such a split would certainly be possible.

    17- Are features like being able to directly buy units and claiming daily gems going to come to Global, or will those functions remain JP only?
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      1. Will the Global Exclusive Units get Omni evolution ? Heroes of Eneroth, Soul Bound Gaia and etc.

      2. When you talk about summoner avatar new weapon, I wonder why there is only weapon but no armors?

      3. So far, we get some unit from the Divine Ten, will we get the Holy Emperor Karna Masta as a unit? Will Lucius get Omni Evolution ?

      4. The hair style of summoner avatar is so limited, can we have more ?

      5. I see that the summoning art is kinda weird, why do we have to level up 6 different element summoning arts ? Why don't you just combine them into 1 already? It's require too much exp to level up even 1 level.
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      • Yohanes5678
        Yohanes5678 commented
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        Answer that was very obvious:

        2. Armors were included as the avatar of the weapon, so no that system will not gonna be implemented.

        3. You're asking it to the wrong producer silly person, it's ALIM that you need to ask not GUMI and yer Lucius will get OE later according to ALIM.

        4. If it's exclusive then yes you can say it like that but for the default? You need to ask it to ALIM not GUMI.

        5. It's ALIM decision, not GUMI... Learn the difference that Summoner Arc came from ALIM which is the main BF holder. GUMI have only some portion of it that can be claimed to their creation, such as Guild System, Eneroth Batch, Soul Bond Saga, Xenon & Estia, Elysian Batch, Battle Maiden and etc but mostly it was units and the only system that they have are Guild Raid.

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      1. I want to know what type of Galadhorn Batch Series Story truly is. I mean, it's not logical enough for OE to have a story printed to real like the one that we had in Raid's Story... What kind of type story is it? Is it Paradox Story? Parallel Story? How come the IF lore became the truth in Galadhorn story, please elaborate it and tell us what type of story is this, you can use what Takahashi said about Zelnite's story as half-canon type, you need to clarify this and how this story become OE.

      2. As per question that I was asked a long time ago about the exclusive weapon in GL, right now in JP BF there's an exclusive weapon for Summoner Arc which is the weapon of Sol Bad-guy from the collaboration events, why you can't make it and how will you explain this?

      3. According to what you said about Token, is it a wise choice to implement it as it is? Because to me, it's like a system that spoiling us too much... What did you think about this system as well Sir Rizky? Will it be good or not?


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        You've already given the units from the KoF collab an OE, all of them. Are you gonna give the units from older collabs (Deemo, Miku, etc.) an OE too? Also, is there any chance we get some exclusive quest maps?


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          1. When will you do another collab with FFBE (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)? And as for the Limited Exclusive Units from the Collab, will you add another one or are you limiting it to Rain, Lasswell, Fina, and Lid?

          2. Any chance that we might get a GL exclusive weapon for 3rd Arc?

          3. When will Hatsune Miku come back here in GL? Also, do you have any plans on giving the other Vocaloids 7* Evolutions that might be useful for 3rd arc?

          4. Can the other Guild Raid Units be acquired other than winning them from Guild Raid Battles? Cause not all Guilds can go up to the top 10 just to acquire them.

          5. Are we getting a Black Gate only Summon Gate just like in JP? We're almost near to the Ishgria Demons Batch (Mora, Beiorg, Am Yunos, etc.) and most people would be happy if the other old units are not included.


          • ILoveNegitoro
            ILoveNegitoro commented
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            For No.3, I don't think Miku and friends will get a 7* tho. They'll get an OE instead. Trust me.

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          I really one thing I want at the moment, please do something about inactive people in guilds especially when its the guild master!!!!! Can't you like do a system where if your inactive for 12 days you get removed or something? The guild master being inactive is giving my guild some problems.


          • Caid
            Caid commented
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            djdeath45 For this the system should put the 2nd biggest in score, or the 3rd in case the 2nd is innactive and thus, since if the master and lowers are innactive and get removed the master will be random unless the master is one of the officers which will be active, is quite a pain and I think it will be easier to just leave and enter other guild, though I kind of understand that leaving all that time, Karma and Zel spent behind can be quite painful.

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          1. Will you bring back Vocaloid but with OE?
          2. Will you remake Ensa and Juno's SP options to make them more suitable to this age? (y'know since they still coming back every year).
          3. Will you bring the permanent Medal Rush to GL?
          4. Will you make Raid units that aren't limited?
          5. We will have the 1gem/day thing as in JP?


          • frostsoul
            frostsoul commented
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            I'm not expecting global to do it but one gem a day would be awesome.

          • Caid
            Caid commented
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            Yohanes5678 Well, I guess can dream (though with the OE+ coming Juno's and Ensa's value will raise quite a lot tbh).

            ILoveNegitoro Hope they give Miku (vortex unit) an OE and not make another version of Miku (like Sakura Miku, though that's the most probable thing...).

            frostsoul Yup, it will be quite helpful for F2Players, though knowing how Gimu is... #PrayingForTheImpossible!

          • ILoveNegitoro
            ILoveNegitoro commented
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            Caid f*** yeah. Also, if they made Snow Miku as a free OE unit, that would be rad

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          1.Are there gonna be any new mock units? I know Ezra is getting a trial and I'm assuming she's gonna be a mock unit.

          2. A poll for collaborations have been placed. I specifically joined the forums to vote for the last collaboration poll and nothing really came of that one. So I'm wondering if it's gonna be the same this time. I know it's kinda earlier and I'm aware none of the potential collaboration are a guarantee but I just wanted to know if there is an active attempt to see player interest in order to attempt negotiations with one of the potential franchises.

          3. Eight out of ten members of the divine ten have been revealed. Who are the other two? Are they going to be revealed during the course of the story?

          4. Will we ever be able to bring friend units along in guild raids?
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          • Caid
            Caid commented
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            Nº1 Well in Athensphere we still lack Draegar (I think that is the guy who helped Gazia, Raid X1 Mission 6) and the Raid bosses (personally I would love a Phaeton and Centurion mock units), in Eneroth we still lack Aranvis (the Deva traitor) and Kame (the scorpion turtle thing that Avani liked so much) and about Galardon, there are still quite a lot of units to make, such as Zael (the werewolf (?)) and Kielazar, and quite a good amount of other units, so I'll say there will be a good amount of Mock untis IMO.

            Nº3 That depends on Alim not on Gumi.

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          1. BF Korea ended months ago, my question is that will you be able to put the Korean exclusives to Global or are they lost in the sea forever?

          2. I'm curious ever since the start of Guild Raid Beta, will the Guild Raid mobs be capturable someday seeing as though they have an animation and everything?


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            Hey producer, I just want to know when Drevas is going to get an omni and him and Lance are going to get a trial together and Drevas has his own sphere!!!!


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