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  • Developer's Diary - Guild Raid Part 5

    Many thanks to all who have participated and supported us in the Guild Raid!
    We have reviewed the feedback that was gathered and developed features that aim to improve the overall Guild Raid Experience for the players.

    To start off, we would like to share with you some insights - specifically our design direction for the Guild Raid Feature.

    Guild Raid Design Direction

    From the Guild Raid Early Preview up till now, we have introduced Guild Raid Units, that are essentially Guild Raid Leaders with strong elemental damage boosting and damage reduction Leader Skills (such as Earth for Wannahon and Thunder for Durumn). In Season 2, we will be releasing 2 more Guild Raid Units, Zeis (Fire) and Keres (Dark)!

    As many of our players might have noticed, the development team has been building the Guild Raid Feature with the promotion of mono-element squads in mind.

    The Guild Raid Units are also strategically designed this way due to the strong correlation and strengths of each element. This is especially relevant and important as the Guardians (the linchpin of defenses during Guild Raids) are massive elemental units. We have also introduced a batch of elemental spheres and there will also be upcoming elemental Elgifs in Season 2 Rewards to augment this!

    While our Guild Raid Units and Guardians balancing are headed along this design direction, we are unable however, to implement some of the features with core mechanics that supported this in time. To state an example, we understood that it would be undesirable for players to only be able to lock in 1 squad while being unable to predict the opponent’s Guardian element.

    We intended for the Multi-Squad feature to address this issue and we wanted to encourage some strategic organising on the guilds’ part by not allowing full freedom to customize their squad in the Battle Phase.
    A new elemental damage bonus scoring mechanic is also added this time around to boost the score (and BCPs) obtained when dealing damage to targets of weaker elements.

    We apologize for not elaborating more on some points in the previous Season. But hope that these sharings would bring players some insights on the design direction and challenges we faced for the Guild Raid feature.

    Moving forward, you can look forward to more units and features in Brave Frontier Global that will be aligned with this direction, which is also intended to expand our unit design possibilities. For now, without further ado, let’s dive in to some of the features and improvements that we have included in Season 2!

    New Gameplay Features


    This Season, we increased the number of squads which every player is allowed to bring into the Guild Raid Battle to 3 as we believe that this allows players to implement flexible strategies against the opponent’s Boss Guardians.

    Players should note the following rules when using the MultiSquad System:
    • Players will only be able to configure their 3 squads during the Preparation Phase.
    • Once the Preparation Phase has ended, the Units in the squads will be locked and no further changes on squad formations will be allowed during the Battle Phase. Players will be allowed to re-configure their squad during the next Preparation Phase.
    • Units that are being used in 1 squad will not be allowed to be used in the other 2 squads.
    • During Battle Phase, the 1st squad in the lineup will be selected as the Active Squad. Players will be able to swap their squads back in Camp or in an Conquered Outpost Location.
    • When an Active Squad is defeated, the player will still need to re-deploy at a Camp Location.Players can now choose to use Instant Revive (at a cost of 5AP), wait for the defeated squad to revive or select another squad to deploy as the Active Squad.
    Elemental Damage Score Bonus

    From Season 2 onwards, we are introducing a new component to our scoring mechanics - Elemental Damage score bonus, which is an additional custom score modifier that triggers from squad damage against targets of weaker elements. This is in-line with our direction to promote switching to squads of the appropriate element once Guardian elements have been discovered. We are still in the process of fine-tuning this modifier and will monitor its effects in Season 2.

    We have also rebalanced specific score modifiers such as damage score and bonus from Normal Monsters and damage bonus from Outpost Guardians and Boss Guardians.

    Guardian Changes

    We have been continuously trying to improve our Guild Raid Feature and our Guardian Designs. Following our review of the constructive feedback gathered from the community, we have introduced the following changes to Guardian Skills:

    Standardized Guardian Skill Slots

    Previously, our Guardians have randomized skill slots. However, we felt that a standardized Guardian Skill Slot will serve a better purpose in a competitive playing field such as Guild Raid. As such, all Guardians are now equipped with a Light (L), Medium (M) and Heavy (H) skill slot.

    Updating Guardian Active Skills

    We improved the descriptions for greater clarity and made the following updates to existing Guardian Active Skills:
    • There are now 3 Light, 3 Medium and 3 Heavy Skills.
    • The Assault Aegis (Light Skill) and Lifechain Accelerator (Medium Skill) Active Skills have been removed.
    Here’s a table of Guardian Skills (with updated descriptions) which players can deploy starting from Season 2:
    New Guardian Active Skills Description
    L1 Gravic Boost 6 hit combo attack on all foes & normal attacks may hit all foes for 2 turns. Activate every 3 turns with probability to activate to cast twice.
    L2 Enfeebling Assault *NEW* 7 hit combo attack on all foes & probable Atk, Def, Rec reduction for 2 turns. Activate every 2 turns with probability to activate twice.
    L3 Bulwark Onslaught *NEW* 5 hit combo attack on all foes & reduce damage taken for 2 turns. Activate every 3 turns with probability to activate twice.
    M1 Assault Overdrive 7 hit combo powerful attack on all foes & boosts Atk for 2 turns. Probability to activate every 2 turns.
    M2 Reckless Discharge *NEW* 6 hit combo powerful attack on all foes & probable BB reduction. Probability to activate every 3 turns.
    M3 Revoking Drive
    5 hit combo powerful attack on all foes & probability to cancel ES. Activate every 4 turns (reduced to 3 turns at a later phase).
    H1 Status Inflictor
    7 hit combo massive attack on all foes with probable random status ailment infliction. Probability to activate every 3 turns.
    H2 Courage Imposition 6 hit combo massive attack on all foes & reduce BB effectiveness for 2 turns. Probability to activate every 3 turns.
    H3 Slate Cleanser
    5 hit combo massive attack on all foes & probability to remove all buffs. Probability to activate every 4 turns.

    Other New Features

    Guild Raid Quest

    Guild Raid Quest is a feature which we have added to provide an additional source for players to earn Guild Tokens (GTs) / Battle Conquest Points (BCPs). Players can engage in 2 types of Guild Raid Quests: Solo Quests and Team Quests, and earn more than 2000 Guild Tokens for completing every Quest each season!

    Solo Quests require players to complete the objectives independently while Team Quests require additional help from fellow team members.

    There will be a minimum amount of BCPs which players are required to earn before they can claim their Team Quest Rewards. So keep in mind the importance of working as a team and help contribute to your Guild’s efforts!

    Guild Raid Room Management Improvements

    We have also removed some restrictions and added a few new functions to the Room Management System. To increase flexibility, more players can now Open Rooms and Edit their Guardians List! Room Masters are also able to Kick Room Members from their rooms.

    From Season 2 onwards, all guild members are now able to open a room and invite their guild members to join in.

    Guild members who are of officer rank (and above) will still be able to assist and help out in the room management and guardian configurations, as they are automatically promoted to Room Masters when they join the room. Guild Rooms are now able to accommodate multiple Room Masters (i.e. Guild member who opened the room AND the guild members of officer rank, who are automatically Room Masters when they join the room).

    To help Room Masters better manage and organize their teams, we have added the KICK function in the Guild Raid Room lobby, allowing Room Masters to expel Guild Members from a room. Room Masters are however, unable to evict other Room Masters from the room.


    We hope you enjoy what we are bringing to you in Guild Raid Season 2, and would like to thank you once again for all your support during this time.

    As we continue to balance and make improvements to fine-tune the Guild Raid Feature, we will also be creating new and exciting contents in the upcoming months.

    Till next time,

    A Summoner’s adventure is never over.

    - Brave Frontier Global Team
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