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  • Brave News Channel Episode 19

    What is up, Summoners? The Brave News Channel has a SPECIAL episode with Shaly, Rizky, and Brave Frontier Creator: Eiji Takahashi! He has a SPECIAL message for everyone! What could it be? Find out soon here:

    We also have a SPECIAL giveaway to celebrate this great moment! check out & share the video to get some cool freebies! Imps, Gems, Burst Frogs, and more await! So what are you waiting for? Spread the good news now!
    Event Period: March 15 to March 29 PST


    1) Share and Like the video on Facebook and everyone will get the following rewards:
    • 3k Likes and Shares (Combined): 1 Gem + 2 Burst Emperors
    • 6k Likes and Shares (Combined): 1 Gem + 3 Imp Artons
    • 9k Likes and Shares (Combined): 1 Gem + 1 Legend Stone
    2) Imps and Artbooks will be given away just for viewing the episode!
    • For every 3K YouTube views on the episode, 3 sets of imps will be sent out for free! This can go up to 30 sets for everyone!
    • An artbook winner will be selected as well when we reach 10k and 20k views, so keep them coming in! Fill in your particulars on the form ( to be eligible for the artbook lucky draw.
    Feel free to share your comments, suggestions, or inquiries on this thread!
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    Sooo? when are we going to get word on a double merit points event?

    Also, I'm more than a little concerned over the resource drain from the Omni+ system. Are the "dupes" limited to benefiting the unit their a duplicate of? will you need more than one "dupe" to get the maximum benefit from Omni+? How will this work with limited edition/non-reacquipeable units? mock units? What about the issue of competing resources? Up until now, spare dupes were a significant source of additional merit points, required to attain those high end spheres, of which there are now even more, requiring nearly double the previous resources (if going by units alone, that means 4000 5* units, or ~1300 7*s). I realize that the system is in its early stages, but a sudden need for duplicates of premium units is something that plenty of people are going to want forewarning to plan for.


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      1- Is the team planning to focus more heavily on releasing new GE unit series, new collaboration/holiday units (Including Limited Release and Vortex collectibles), or updates for GE Legacy Units?

      2- You've mentioned creating an elite mode for quests. If you ever do add it to the game, will you implement elite mode in the Vortex as well?

      3- Since those spheres are largely a bit outdated, are we going to get the option to upgrade the SBS LS spheres (maybe with some new weapon lore)? As a matter of fact, some of the Eneroth spheres are also a little bit power creeped. Can we entertain the idea that these spheres will have upgrade options released alongside the omnis for their respective units?

      4- Will we ever get any of the Raid bosses or previous Global Exclusive Characters as Guardians? Imagine using Phaeton or the Lesnik or even one of the newer bosses!

      Is there any way that you guys might consider lowering Feng's LS enhancement SP ability to 60 SP cost? It would really open up her SP build options. I'd also really like it if you completed the SP ATK boost options to include an option for Dark/Light units, maybe at 30 SP cost. It would make Feng even more slot efficient than she already is and increase her SP build options even more.

      6- Why not just give Tridon a Barrier AND a Shield when he gets his omni?

      7- I found out that conversion buffs for the same stat don't stack. I'd like to know if you guys would ever consider making them compatible. I really like using REC to ATK, but it seems that doing so makes having DEF to ATK redundant. I really think that certain units might be used more if this incompatibility was removed.

      8- Since we got Ciara's [FIRE UNIT] omni this year along with Galtier [DARK UNIT] as a Limited Release, does that mean that next year we're going to get a Semira [DARK UNIT] omni with Pumpkin Spirit Jack [FIRE UNIT?] as a Limited Release?

      9- Are future GE Trial Units going to drop as omni units or as 7* units?

      10- There are now several GE units that drop from Vortex Dungeons (Fei, Battle Maidens, Xenon/Estia). Maybe a good way to justify giving them decent omni forms would be to borrow the concept used by BF RPG and require multiple copies of the units to evolve them. On a somewhat tangential note, are Randolph and Ravenna going to come back to Global in a similar fashion to their BF RPG release?

      11- I appreciate the fact that you guys reopen some of the Limited release gates every once in awhile. However, what I really want to know instead of when the gates will be available again is how often can we expect Limited Release units to have their skills buffed when their gates re-open. The last time the Paradox Blossoms had their gates re-opened, they were buffed a little bit. The same was true for Zero. However, the Paradox Blossoms and Terry / Iori did not get buffed when their gates were re-opened this time around, and that made me want to know when we can expect an old Limited Release unit to get buffed upon their re-release and when we can expect the unit to retain its old skills.

      12- Since you asked for suggestions regarding possibilities for the Omni+ system, I would like to recommend the following: A series of rotating vortex missions. More specifically, each mission can drop two items; a special item with a low drop rate that only that vortex mission can drop, and a generic item that all the missions in the series can drop. What I would recommend would be making the items similar to sphere frogs, in the sense that fusing them to your unit unlocks the feature. There would be, say, an item that increases the imp cap for a specific stat, and then an item that unlocks extra SP. The generic item would be used to level up the Omni + level, which allows a unit to use more of the special items. In other words, once you raise your Omni+ level, you can unlock more imp stats and SP with the corresponding items, fuse imps and frogs to hit the new limits, and repeat the process until the last Omni+ bonus is unlocked with a maxed Omni+ level, meaning your unit has reached the maximum amount of times it can have its limits raised, and then that limit is met one last time with more imps and frogs. This would make Omni+ grind intensive and a little time consuming, but relatively easy to use and access, thus encouraging players to only unlock Omni+ on their favorite or most commonly used units. It would essentially function a bit like the standard parameter raising functions from other similar games. I actually came up with this from my experience with FFBE, Chain Chronicle, and PotK (Global versions, of course).


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        Please don't make that omni plus material is sooooooooo hard to get. That omni plus thing makes me unease and it sounds so similar to limit break from PotK where those mats(5* limit breaker dolly) kind of rare to the point as if we can't get them without spending gem(come to think of it, haven't seen one without gem on 7 months experience playing). If it's too hard then I'm afraid maxing units might become end as a daydream unless we got lots of dupe.
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          Are you looking to introduce a feature that allows you to change the typing of a unit (e.g. Lord > Breaker or Guardian > Oracle)? I understand EU Brave Frontier has a Mystery Frog that more or less does this but at random


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