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  • Unit Details: Laughing Devil Long

    Witness the force behind the power of a NEW Hero that will join the battlefield of Grand Gaia. Long, son of Xie'Jing is now ready to unleash his forceful strength taught to him by a Dragon from heavens.

    See the full details below:

    Name: Laughing Devil Long
    Element: Thunder
    Rarity: Omni
    Cost: 50

    Lord-type Stats:
    Max HP: 8258 (1250)
    Max Atk: 3985 (800)
    Max Def: 2518 (400)
    Max Rec: 2860 (500)

    Normal Attack:
    Number of hits: 6
    Max BC generated: 42 (7 BC/hit)

    Leader Skill - Heaven-Hell Dragon Style
    • 60% boost to max HP, boosts Atk, Def, Rec [60%] relative to remaining HP, 15% damage reduction from Light, Dark types & enormously boosts Spark damage [150%] when damage dealt has exceeded certain amount [50,000]
    Brave Burst - Unerring Serpent Strike
    • BC Required: 30
    • Max BC generated (AoE): 15(3 BC/hit)
    • Max BC generated (ST): 3(3 BC/hit)
    • 5 combo powerful Thunder attack on all foes (100%-400%) (damage relative to remaining HP) , powerful Thunder attack on single foe(600%), hugely boosts Atk, Def, Rec [170%] for 3 turns, adds probable [30%] considerable 1 turn Atk reduction [30%] to attack for 3 turns & adds Light, Dark elements to attack for 3 turns
    Super Brave Burst - Spirit-Consuming Strike
    • BC required: 32
    • Max BC generated (AoE): 24(3 BC/hit)
    • Max BC generated (ST): 3(3 BC/hit)
    • 8 combo powerful Thunder attack on all foes (200%-600%) (damage relative to remaining HP), powerful Thunder attack on single foe (600%)(300% boost to multiplier per use up to 3x) (consecutive uses boosts damage), considerably boosts own Atk, Def [100%] and critical hit rate [60%] for 3 turns, enormously boosts own Spark damage[100%] for 3 turns, probable [40%] huge 1 turn Atk reduction [50%] & slightly boosts OD gauge [10%]
    Ultimate Brave Burst - Universe-Devouring Bolt
    • BC required: 32
    • Max BC generated (AoE): 20(20 BC/hit)
    • Max BC generated (ST): 20 (20 BC/hit)
    • Massive Thunder attack on all foes (1000%-1500%) (damage relative to remaining HP), massive Thunder attack on single foe (2000%), enormously boosts Atk, Def, Rec [400%] for 3 turns, enormously boosts own Atk, Def, Rec [200%] and Spark damage [200%] for 5 turns & enormously boosts OD gauge [50%]
    Extra Skill - Three Worlds King Taolu
    • 10% damage reduction, boosts critical damage [50%] & 50% boost to Spark damage
    SP Options
    SP Cost Description
    20 50% boost to max HP
    10 80% boost to Atk relative to remaining HP
    20 100% boost to Spark damage
    20 Boosts critical hit damage [75%]
    10 Increase ATK limit (to 130,000)
    15 Allows BB buff effects to last for 4 turns
    15 Allows BB buff effects to last for 5 turns
    20 Allows SBB's probable 1 turn Atk reduction effects to last for 2 turns
    15 Enhances SBB's boost to own Atk, Def [+30%] effect
    15 Enhances SBB's boost to own Spark damage [+20%] effect

    [7★ Lore]
    At the stroke of midnight under a new moon, Xie'jing gave birth to a son marked by fate. Born with the aid of sorcery, Long was abandoned in the wilderness--a test, his mother claimed, to see if he was truly worthy to be her child. Yet upon her return, she saw a black-and-gold dragon guarding her child as he slept. Angered at heaven's favor, she vowed to make his life as miserable as possible. Despite the abuse and pain that she heaped upon the boy, Long kept smiling. He knew a potent secret, whispered to him by the dragon in his dreams: that life's troubles, no matter how grave, were an eye blink for those chosen by heaven. He awoke one night, startled at the sight of the dragon before him. He was to prepare himself and travel to a faraway land with it, for the time had come to free himself from his mother's shackles. Eager at the opportunity, he quickly dressed and departed, but not without saying a quiet goodbye to the world he was leaving behind. They soon arrived at a secluded summit in Grand Gaia, where the dragon began to teach him a secret martial art, one that blended the strengths of heaven and hell in a single thunderbolt. Eager to learn, he soon mastered both the style and his inhuman heritage, but was soon plagued by dreams of uncertainty and evil. At last, he begged the dragon for permission to leave and traveled back to Krung-go, intent on investigating the omens he was seeing. It was then that he met a young girl and discovered the true fate of his mother's death and resurrection.

    [Omni Lore]
    After discovering the fate of his mother, Long decided to stay with the family of his newfound companions. It was a well-spent decision, for only after an extended stay of several months were his fears about his mother's death assuaged. He had thought that she could still be redeemed by heaven despite her evil acts, but he was proven wrong. After several months, he began to dream again of the dragon, who told him that it was time for his last lesson. Despite his anxiety at the news, he decided to leave for Grand Gaia. But before he left, he had one more sparring match with his companions--a duel where his inhuman nature threatened to overwhelm his personality. Stunned, he quickly made his goodbyes and left Krung-go alone. It was when he met with his teacher that he found out the truth: a war between the gods was coming, and his power was one of those that could shake the world--or even break it. In order to master it, he needed to unlock the style's secret taolu, one that allowed the martial artist to reign as a wandering warrior king in heaven, hell, and earth simultaneously. But the price of failure was steep: if he failed, the dragon would choose to consume him utterly rather than allow his soul to be twisted by the powers waking within him. Despite the odds, Long succeeded in his goal in a fortnight and cut away the chains that bound him to mortal existence, allowing him to behold the heights of power that awaited his ascension. As he opened his eyes, the dragon congratulated him on his victory and told him to tend to his companion well before it departed, intent on forming a mercenary company to join the war of the gods. Surprised, Long turned and saw that Feng stood behind him, tears in her eyes as she embraced him in joy. They would later travel Grand Gaia together before returning to Krung-go in its time of need in a brilliant flash of fire and lightning.
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    Attention Summoners,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    There was a discrepancy with one of Long's SP Options ("Boosts critical hit damage") between the announced SP Cost and the SP Cost implemented in the game. It has been confirmed that the correct SP Cost should be 20 instead of 10. The related news items have been updated accordingly.

    Should there be any other concerns related to Long's unit information please let us know through

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
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