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  • Brave Frontier Third Chapter: Summoner Avatar

    Brave Frontier Version Update 1.6.0 is upon us! Welcome the Third Chapter of Brave Frontier and be ready for new adventures!

    And as we celebrate this new chapter, all quest maps in Ishgria are on half energy until Oct 16, 23:59 PST.

    New Feature: Summoner Avatar
    Take charge of your destiny and shape Brave Frontier with your own Summoner Avatar!
    1. How to Unlock?
      1. The Summoner Avatar will be available after clearing the Menon Map in the Ishgria Continent.
    1. Customization Options for the Summoner Avatar
      1. Customization options include Gender (Male / Female), Hairstyle (3 per Gender), and Element (6) of the Summoner Avatar
      2. Hairstyle and Element can be freely changed anytime at no cost.
    1. Summoner Menu
      1. Status
        • Check out your avatar’s status, element and customization.
    • Summoner Level: This is gained through completing quests, and will grant your avatar increased stats as well as bonus SP.
    • Increase your Summoner Level to unlock access to more powerful units!
      1. Lv 1: Able to use 5-star Units
      2. Lv 5: Able to use 6-star Units
      3. Lv 10: Able to use 7-star Units
      4. Lv 15: Able to use Omni Evo Units
    • Summoning Arts Level: This is divided into 6 elements, and completing a quest will grant EXP for the specific element you used for that quest. Gaining these levels will increase the stats of your summoned units, as well as their BB level and enabling you to summon higher rarity units.
    1. Parameters
      • Power up your avatar by consuming SP to boost your abilities.
      • Equivalent to the SP skills of Omni units, you can spend SP to learn various abilities. SP can be gained randomly by defeating enemies, or by fusing Burst Frogs, Sphere Frogs and Burst Emperors. Unlike normal units, mob units cannot be fused into the Summoner unit to gain SP.
    1. Fusion
      • Enhance your weapon to increase its power or gain valuable SP.
    1. EX Skills
      • Manage EX Skills
      • This refers to the skill attached to a weapon. It can be learned by gaining weapon levels through completing quests. Unlike normal EX skills, it can be freely detached without the use of an Emgif. Weapon levels can be gained by completing battles, or fusing Metal-type units.

    1. Weapons
      • Manage new weapons earned as you progress through Quests.
      • Weapon Level: Completing a quest will grant EXP for the weapon you had equipped. Gaining these levels will unlock weapon skills.
    1. LS Spheres
      • Manage LS Spheres
      • Spheres which can only be equipped by the summoner. It can be crafted in the village and will require existing spheres as well as new materials to craft.

    [Advisory] New UI text translation.

    Attention Summoners,

    Our team has found some text issues with the new Summoner Avatar user interface, and we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you. Rest assured that these issues will be fixed in the next version update.

    Please take note of the official translations in the images below:

    Translation: SP

    Translation: Gems needed

    Translation: Summoning Arts

    In addition, there are also several issues that our team has found regarding Helper/Gues.
    • No Guest Unit (Tilith) on Bectas' first map.
      • Use Update/Refresh buttons to try to fix this issue.
    • Some Summoners who are unable to select a Helper in Old Maps and Vortex Dungeons.
      • ​Please try to reconnect to fix this issue.
    Please be informed that our team is currently looking into these issues.

    We will keep you updated here on our forums or other official channels.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us.
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    Official Support Channel:

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    I kinda like it! Finally something inside of me screaming about happiness instead a saltiness over Juno-Seto and etc


    • lozoro
      lozoro commented
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      wait until you puke from grinding
      don't get over JP, the hype plummet down in one week time i heard

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    • lozoro
      lozoro commented
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      i thought that's the one shown at bottom of this thread?

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    Why I can't use 5* Element in my squad? I already have the license to do it, so why I can't?


    • #5
      ive cleared this on quest or something or do i have the clear the extra boss dungeons too? (which i think i had already)


      • #6
        I enjoyed the increased difficulty, actually having to use items in battle, and most of all... having my Kaiser Glowy absolutely dominate the enemy!


        • #7
          All hail FInkell for infinite healing

          Never thought that I would actually use Finkell again LOL. Her 15 BC of healing and cleanse ailment ease my usage of potion and other ailment cleanse item.


          • Yohanes5678
            Yohanes5678 commented
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            I can't pass the Final Stage of 4th Region........ help Me Shiro-san !!! And if it's about brute I just happened to use it for OD Stone..... SO I don't have one again...... T_T

          • Shironui
            Shironui commented
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            Yohanes5678, I change my element to fire for that dungeon to match with Reda's element.

            Weapon that I use is spear, ideal to counter DoT and further enhanced def and rec. I use both EX from sword and spear. Also my LS is 20% atk and BB regen.

            Make sure you enter the boss fight with full BB and use cure whenever you think necessary before this fight.

            Item that I brought is 10 Cures, 3 Sacred Light, 2 Revives, 10 Titan Elixir, 3 Blaze Stone.
            The boss could also inflict sickness, weakness and injury, if you have the 3 turn ailment nullify item, bring that instead of revives.

            The boss there could use DoT so develop Sacred Light once they use them. Use cure whenever you think necessary. From the 1st turn, always keep the blaze stone active together with titan elixir to gain 100% def buff and 50% atk buff.

            Focus your attack on 1 unit and try to defeat them before you run out of Blaze Stone. Once 1 down, this will become an easy fight.

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          So how long am I going to have to wait till a fix for this is implemented that I won't get kicked from the game and forced to uninstall it and reinstall every freakin' time I attempt to access it? Seriously getting fed up with not being able to access the same content as everyone else!


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