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  • [Advisory] Challenge Arena

    Update: April 16, 5:00 PST

    It has come to our attention that the cost of some Challenge Arena Shop items had undergone an unintended change. We apologize for the inconvenience. The costs have been reverted to the original values with a 20% Gold and Silver Coin discount for some of these CA Shop items. (Legend Stone and Mecha Gods not included).

    Please note that Revive and Healing Potions cost is intended and is now set to 1 due to the upcoming closure of CA. We would like to advise everyone that the current potion system will be removed in CA 2.0 for some system and mechanic changes.

    CA Shop will also be inaccessible once Challenge Arena is closed. Unspent Gold and Silver Coins will not be lost but will have a different use once the new CA Shop is available. Thus, we strongly encourage Summoners to spend their remaining Coins while the current CA Shop is available.


    Greetings Summoners!

    After an extensive review and careful consideration of player feedback, we have decided to put the Challenge Arena temporarily on closure starting the 18th of April, 2016 at 23:59 PST. Although the Challenge Arena will become inaccessible from the Arena menu, other similar features such as the Arena and Colosseum will still be available.

    This decision was made so that we can address existing issues identified within the Challenge Arena which have been affecting the player experience provided by this particular feature. These issues include the following:

    Long Time Investment
    • One of the major issues identified is the amount of dedicated time required to remain competitive, especially during the first few weeks of a new season. We are currently reviewing a system that could help reduce the amount of time usually invested, while at the same time, encouraging competition amongst players.
    Strict Rewards System
    • Another issue identified is that some players may still miss out on exclusive seasonal rewards, regardless of the great amount of time and effort they have invested during a particular season. We would like players to be rewarded reciprocally for all the time they have invested and for their performance during each season. We would also like to ensure that all players’ efforts, throughout every season, are taken into account as well.
    Lack of Squad Strategy Diversity
    • It has come to our attention that Squad strategies have not been as diverse as we had initially hoped, and thus moving forward, we would like to steer the Challenge Arena towards a way in which players can plan and devise many different Squad formations.
    We want to ensure that the above, as well as other issues involved, are properly addressed so that the Challenge Arena function can return stronger than ever. And as always, we would like to thank all players for their continuous support of our Global Exclusive Features.

    In lieu of the temporary closure of the Challenge Arena, we will be doing the following:
    1. Rainbow Summon will opened from April 18, 0:00 PST to Apr 24 23:59 PST.
    2. Greatly increase rates up for Kurewa and Kuraginn.
    3. Please be informed that Challenge Arena Shop will be unavailable during CA closure. For the meantime, we are introducing the following items in Challenge Arena Shop until its closure on April 18 PST:
      • Elemental Mecha God (25000 gold coins)
      • Legend Stone (10000 silver coins)

    To ensure that the new changes made to the Challenge Arena provide an enhanced experience for our players, we will be releasing regular developer updates, as well as gathering player feedback through various community events.

    Please stay tuned to our official channels for more updates and details about the exciting new changes awaiting the Challenge Arena. We are sure that players will enjoy what we have planned for them! Thank you all for your gracious understanding and undying support.
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    Take your time, gumi. Cheers


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      Aww man, I was just starting to enjoy CA too.

      That being said, do take your time. Fix all of the bugs, my only request is that you do not release any limited summon promotion during the period, because, in as much as I hate to say it, despite the OFS and units not activating their BB, CA is actually an amazing way to get in-game currency, which, a myriad of users do in order to summon units.

      You guys have been doing a great job, by the way, for the last couple of weeks.


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        hFinally some changes, one addition notes though.... Fix that very bad RNG in Legendary League, bad is enough for me but very bad is another word that has another meaning.

        If in Novice League is 50:50, what about the RNG of Legendary League? I heard it was quite bad, it's below 50:50 chance....... So I think it's not very fair. Well it's just me though who think it that way.

        EDITED: Due to the JanSama whining bitc*ing, apparently he does't know about the words of VERY BAD RNG. If you have a logic about how impossible it is then I'm agree with you, but if fate has lead me stray down that path I can't say no more to you and to myself. I've already experienced that event though the chances are more like 1 or 2 Battle vs 100 Battle from the battle that I win!
        Last edited by Yohanes5678; 04-17-2016, 05:42 PM.


        • JustinA4
          JustinA4 commented
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          Lol the comprehension level of this moderator must be that of a 10 year old.

        • jushenry
          jushenry commented
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          As a super moderator, VM06 Alrick this is unprofessional on handling dispute between players ie: Name calling and threatening with violence.
          "im gonna slap the living soul out of you if you don't stop..."
          "so announcing your quitting is just like hungry for attention... (that's my opinion)"
          I am disappointed that Gumi has not take action on your unprofessional act. If you could not handle the situation just let someone else handle it. More importantly, instead of addressing the issue players have, you would like to silence them by telling them to stop.
          @gumi: Step up your game and fix all the bug and issue gumi ie: login day doesn't count, game crashes...etc. That's just a short list. At the very least, have someone professional to moderate the forum. Seriously.

        • Shironui
          Shironui commented
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          JanSama, I do understand that point as I don't argue and agree with that part but he's playing style is different. He prioritize filling BB over score. Don't you think harmless enemy lead on no BB rule is the perfect chance for that when we only have less than 5 filled BB unit? I sometimes did that as well on summoner and legend rank just in case if I face 2 or 3 consecutive OFS with full BB gauge party. Tridon lead on no BB rule is my most favorite for BB filling btw.

          JustinA4, could you please stay silent? We don't need any troller who don't have solid point of argument. Look at JanSama and jushenry as they made some valid points. Take that as your future preference.

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        The time consuming part is mostly because of competition style for reward. For me, personally I think it's good if we only need to have certain quota to get the reward instead being competitive. That being said, many might get the special sphere making it won't be special so instead we'll devide the reward into 2 different board like in Frontier Hunter.

        So the 2 different boards will be like
        1) base on competitive like Frontier Rank so the special reward like Omega can't be achieve by just anyone while throwing some ST here.
        2) base on achieving certain quota like in Terminus or Frontier Gate which will be refresh at daily or/and weekly or/and seasonal etc, where we can grab the alpha version and few gems while at it.
        Last edited by Shironui; 04-15-2016, 02:39 PM.


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          Take your time Gumi, CA was actually fun for me, the first season was on fire, and I only made it to summoner on the 3rd week, but at least I made it, also in the 2nd season, but during the 3rd season, I nearly ranked up to Legendary, but sadly I was this close to getting there, but this last week of CA, I managed to get to Legendary League. I was surprised that OFS rarely appears when I'm battling, during the whole day, I encountered 1-2 OFS and mostly it came from one of the six heroes lead with an unusual squad setup. I know all of you are working hard these past few months because of CA, and because of the problems and unsatisfied players, your gonna revamp CA for a while, so thank you for making this and I hope the next time you reopen it, it won't be as much as time consuming as possible!


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            Please consider these options :
            1. Sphere exclusive should be sold in Shop for limited time, like Exchange Hall, so everybody have a chance to get them at least. You can put it in rewards also so the top tier will get an extra +1 for their effort.
            2. Revise the daily and weekly rewards, make all players want to get to Legendary Rank as soon as possible, like CA Season 2. Reducing the prizes will result like CA now, no body wants to play it after Season 3.
            3. Look at those top Tier Ranks, almost the same players each week.
            4. Give new players/low level players, a chance to compete with Top Players. Colosseum has that by giving each class seperately. Consider that new players don't have much units as Top Players and make it more enjoyable for them
            Last edited by Yuzuka; 04-15-2016, 07:37 PM.


            • Yohanes5678
              Yohanes5678 commented
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              Yuzuka Couldn't be more agreed..... Can I throw you a money for being that smart? Cause 1 like isn't going to support this comment .

            • Yuzuka
              Yuzuka commented
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              thanks, if i can choose i would like if you give me directly rather than throwing it to me lol

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            If this will make things go for the best, then it's all up to you guys now. All I can hope for is that the rewards system to never be so strict and only for those who has their hands tied by doing CA for almost 24/7 until a season ends. Even to those players who tried but failed because of small unit pools, repetitive same opponent squads and almost the exact same rules for the same opponents and they lost most of the time, they can never get or afford to get those fancy rewards as we all see. Too much disadvantage for some people who are devoted to CA almost everyday especially when there are still competitive contents such as Frontier Hunter ongoing. At least try to make every branch of opponent squads from different players and not from the same repetitions, such as someone we all are horrid to see.

            Once again, if this will make CA even more better and not hassle free, then it's all up to you guys. Just please don't disappoint us.


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              I thought CA was supposed to close at the end of today. I didn't spend all my coins yet...


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                I have made a decision to discontinue my support of Brave Frontier and Gumi titles as a whole until challenge arena is re-opened without massive nerfs to rewards specifically gems and tickets. I will no longer play nor Stream Brave Frontier until then, have fun everyone.


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                  You know...I look at this thread and all I see is some kid who thinks he's special for streaming his gameplay amd sitting there thinking he's a god in this game because he knows some mechanics. On top of that, god forbid someone be new to the game and NOT know the mechanics of CA because then they're "bad" for not knowing. there anyway we can get this "good player" removed? We definitely don't need some hyped up little child sitting there bashing others and insulting, as well as provacating fights, others so he can sit there and assuage his ego.


                  • Beradax
                    Beradax commented
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                    @JanSama: only other thing I'm saying to you and then you can go do whatever it is you're doing with yourself. I in no way provoked anything, nor do I do anything that can/could be conceived as provocation of or flat out harassment. The fact that you stated that ANYONE that doesn't know the mechanics of CA os "bad" was NOT in any way helpful to anyone.

                    Furthermore you saod nothing of a "bad player learming by experience". Your exact comment was "if you don't know the mechanics you're bad". Very childish of you to say such. Oh and just because you're a streamer of a free to play game doesn't make you any better than anyone else, as you are clearly insinuating that you are with your comments on thos thread...especially to an admin (albeit quite a bad one) sayong "you must not know who I am" like your someone special. You're nothing more than a number to Gumi amd follower/streamer #'s are quite easily exaggerated, which I'm more than sure yours are.

           I'm so special because I'm "gud" at a free to play game, you may contiune on with your "I'm gonna quit because you closed CA (a SMALL portion of the game as a whole) and continue to have your whining fit like a spoilered child!

                    Oh, and take your own advice and quit being so judgemental would might find people more receptive to your opinions.


                  • JanSama
                    JanSama commented
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                    @Bredadax you cannot even comprehend me let alone reply to me.

                  • Beradax
                    Beradax commented
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                    I can comprehend you just fine like to be an *** to people because you seem to think your so much better than others when in reality you need to realize you were once a new player and didn't understand the mechanics of the game yourself. So instead of being an ***, try being helpful. If that's to much for you to comprehend and do then just keep it shut.

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                  Why was Rainbow Summon removed a day early? It was supposed to run until 4/24 23:59 but has not been available all day. I opened a ticket with only the standard response.

                  Please address.


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                    Randolph works wonder in CA, bring it back!


                    • Beradax
                      Beradax commented
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                      I honestly doubt it's ever coming back. They claimed it was a "temporary" closure, yet here it is almost 5 months later and no word on it coming back

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                      Its Been A Year Or More,When The **** Is This CA Coming BACK GUMI


                      CLICK HERE!